Proper Set Up for Remote Working

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How To Make Sure Everything Is Set Up Properly While Remote Working

There recently has been a surge of people moving to work remotely following the directive to have as few people as possible working on-premises. While some already had experience working remotely, others felt like they were being thrown in the dark. Whichever category you fall into, your productivity level will depend on how everything is set up while working remotely. If it is correctly set up, you will be more productive than when some aspects are not well set up. That is why it is necessary to ensure that you have everything set up correctly if you are in a dilemma about how to go about it and how to do it.

Start with an ideal space.

The first thing you need to have set up properly is your workspace, and you start this by selecting a dedicated space in your home for that purpose. It should be a specific area because your mind needs that ‘switch’ to separate work from life duties. It could be a room or a corner in your living room or kitchen, depending on what is at your disposal. Ensure that it is free from distractions as much as possible. If it is a room with a door, keeping off distractions is a breeze, but if it is an open space, ensure that the area is not frequently visited. Check the lighting to make sure that the area is well lit.

Ensure you observe ergonomic rules

When working from home, you could be limited to a suitable office chair, but you still need to have an ergonomically set workplace to reduce back and neck pain. Make use of pillows to work as back support; angle your pelvis forward using sitting wedges on your chair. If your legs do not rest firmly on the floor, make sure to use a footrest. If, however, you have an ergonomic chair, make sure it is set up correctly by adjusting the armrests to your desk level. The armrest should be supporting your forearm at an angle that feels natural and not pushed up.

Set the computer the proper way

Set up your desktop or laptop in a way that your eyes are not straining and that you can type without hurting your shoulders. Put your arms straight out towards the computer to ensure that it is placed at an arm’s length. Your eyebrows should be in line with the top of your screen; check if they are. If you are using a laptop, use a laptop stand to raise the screen to your eye level. You can then use a separate wireless keyboard to stay at arm’s length from the computer.

Secure your data with a VPN

While working remotely, you will be required to connect to your team and share information over the internet. Ensure that your internet plan’s bandwidth is enough to give you the right speed to get your work done. Also, you need to ensure you are connecting to the internet using a VPN. 

If you are wondering what a VPN is and how you are going to get it. VPN is a private network that secures data through encryption and transmits it from one place to another. With the rise of cyber-crimes and data being siphoned over the internet, it is essential to ensure that you have one in place to be assured of data security while working remotely. Your employer should provide a VPN for you if you are employed. If not, subscribe to a VPN service provider, such as NordVPN. Ensure that it is properly set up by going to network and internet settings in your computer and filling up the required information.

Set your camera 

Working remotely means holding meetings virtually. You will need the right tools to make sure you are connecting to other people effectively. Get a reliable webcam if your laptop is not integrated. It would be best if you also had headphones- ensure the microphone is useful to minimize the echo effect during a conference call. Ensure that the camera is well set up; you can add an LED light to make sure the room is well lit when you conduct the calls.


As said earlier, how you set up your remote workspace will determine if you are set up for success or failure. Try as much as possible to ensure everything is working well before you start working. You can always ask for help from someone if you run into problems while setting up your workspace.

Proper Set Up for Remote Working

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