Project Manager’s Role in Website Development

The roles & tasks within a sound WordPress website Development Company stands visibly segregated. In essence, the website appeal is acquired by the work of the graphic designer, UX designer makes sure that the aesthetics work, front-end developers manage front-end, etc. Amidst all of them, where do you think the project manager can fit in? A project manager is an individual who is the captain of the entire development team. Keeping every communication channel right on track, he/she determines the successful implementation of all the strategies for their various website development projects. With excellent technical, business management, leadership, and planning skills, a project manager truly is worthy of all praises.

Project Manager's Role in Website Development

Signs of a professional and skillful project manager

  • Experience – When creating a website project, the development team first & foremost requires the supervision of an experienced project manager. Many times individuals from varied backgrounds run web projects. They can be I.T. managers, designers, digital account managers, etc. The difference is in their work. There are bound to be noticeable lapses in some areas that will ultimately lead to web project challenges. But with an experienced manager, there will be no lapses & that displays their real value to the organization.
  • Ability to interact with everybody – A good project manager, when browsing through the website project management checklist for his next project, makes sure that he puts communication on the very top of the list. Just how experience arms the manager with the proper knowledge for speaking to designers with buoyancy, communication is something that enables managers to talk with suppliers & superiors in a completely different ball game—adapting the correct tone. At the same time, speaking is also critical as it instills confidence and trust in the clients.
  • Correct planning – The requirement of every client will be different, and so is the nature of the various projects. Any website development company for this need to appoint practiced and qualified project managers who can fabricate the perfect planning and tactics for the completion of all projects successfully. A proper roadmap creation is a vital role of the manager for the entire team. The manager will set a specific goal, describe the scope, craft a task breakdown schedule, recognize milestones & construct plans on proper risk management & communication.
  • Execution – After the roadmap creation, every member of the team needs to gain a deep insight into their respective goals and functions. WordPress project management is only possible in a hassle-free manner when the manager creates his team & allocates tasks to each one of them. The manager is also responsible for holding meetings & setting up high-quality tracking systems. In this stage, the majority of genuine and authentic work takes place that makes this step a pivotal one.
  • Organizational vision & leadership skills – Project managers are working on open source WordPress project management carry the idea of moving towards the correct direction. He or she will also possess specific skills for articulating all his notions into reality. Project managers must empower their team so that they know how vital their contribution is in all the projects. The capacity to interact with individuals from every segment is a responsibility that managers need to take & is regarded as an essential skill. Clear communication in context to achievement, prospects, goals, feedback is demanded by proper project leadership.

If there is any connection of the team to the website development company, that strengthens with the presence of a project manager. They must be able to negotiate efficiently & utilize persuasion if needed for assuring the success of projects. The talent to delegate tasks appropriately & to let the entire team participate in a non-partial way is one of the essential features of project leadership. The team building responsibility of a manager converts an organization into a cohesive unit.

Roles of a project manager

When the website development agencies hire WordPress developers and project manages, they expect these roles from them:

  • Defining the scope of a project
  • Active planning
  • Developing schedules
  • Cost estimating
  • Documentation
  • Resource planning
  • Time estimating
  • Budget development
  • Creating schedules & charts
  • Managing risks
  • Reporting progress
  • Risk analysis
  • Strategic influencing
  • Functioning properly with vendors
  • Business partnering
  • Scalability & portability analysis
  • Controlling quality
  • Profit realization


The difference between a fantastic project manager of a high-end WordPress website Development Company & an average one is the capacity of envisaging the entire solution of a web project from the initial stage & with very few gaps. By this, a manager can correctly tackle the risks associated with particular projects & maintain momentum. If you want to hire WordPress developers and project managers who are talented and skillful in their forte, get in touch with us right away.

Project Manager’s Role in Website Development

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