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Even before we had to deal with the pandemic of 2020, online project management courses were quite common. However, with all the experience garnered in the last 12 months, online training is now more efficient than I have ever seen it, not just on the part of our trainers at PM Workshops but also on the part of the participants/students. And although the term “zoom fatigue” has made its way into our collective lexicon, project management courses online are quite effective and efficient. For example, up until last year, our staff continually flew all over the US and Europe to teach their courses or provide consulting services. Now, the need for cross-country and international travel is greatly diminished. That said, training online has its own special requirements to make it efficient and effective.

Project Management Training Online eLearning Workshops

Project Management Training Online Training Courses

We typically ask our students to do some reading and studying before our in-person training courses. We find that this pre-course work exponentially increases students’ understanding and allows them to be more engaged during the training course. Therefore, during online training, pre-course preparation is even more important. Students come better prepared and have excellent questions that we address during class. Also, the follow-up work with our customers is more critical than classroom-type training since sometimes explaining a term, process, or standard is more complicated online than in person. That said, like most things in life, there are pros and cons to both in-person and online training. For example, online training saves everyone the cost and time associated with traveling. It also makes it more convenient for people worldwide to attend courses based in their home countries. In the language which the students are more comfortable in.

Professional Development Goals

Professional Development Goals – Online Training Courses

Another positive aspect of online training which we have offered at PM Workshops for years is the possibility to break up the course over several weekdays or weekends since the immediacy to teach the course in one continuous period of time is no longer an issue since there is no need for travel on either the trainer side of the student’s. And this is a great advantage because many people learn better over a longer period of time; after they have time to digest the information, apply it, and test its efficacy. Therefore, some students can choose to attend either a 4-consecutive-day course or a course that spans 2, 3, or 4 weeks and/or weekends to advance their Professional Development Goals.

PMP Exam Prep

PMP Exam Prep

If you decide to attend a project management boot-camp, a certification course, or any other type of training, make sure to check the provider’s syllabus and have an interview with your potential instructor since their method of teaching, explaining should align with how you best learn. Even their language skills become much more important when you are learning online. And since effectively learning and/or improving any new skills towards your Professional Development Goals can be taxing and challenging, you need to make sure that the experience is as comfortable, engaging, and interesting as feasible.

Project Management Training Online Training Courses PMP Exam Prep Workshops

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