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Project Management Training for PMP Exam Prep

Whether or not you decide to pursue some project management certification, such as PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP, PRINCE2, and so on, it is very beneficial to attend a course, workshop, or boot camp on project management; even if you have been managing projects for some time. And the main reason for this is that, as project management professionals, we need to stay current in management trends, methodology, and how project management, in general, interacts with our specific industry. For example, not so long ago, most architecture-engineering-construction (AEC) work was considered purely waterfall-focused, which is not to say it has changed to agile. However, some AEC projects have begun using a hybrid approach.

Project Management Training for PMP Exam Prep

Project Management Training for PMP Exam Prep

Another reason why project management training is so necessary is that our demographics are also constantly changing. When I first attended project management in 2010, comparatively little attention was given to cross-cultural issues, global teams, and the importance of having a happy and satisfied team. However, in the last few years, greater emphasis is being placed on team cohesiveness and collaboration,
staff conflict resolution, motivating factors that reduce personnel turnover, and other factors related to project success based on human interactions, which is a relatively new topic of interest in project management.

Stakeholder and Communication Management are knowledge areas that have been progressing over the years, not to say that it is a new thing. However, in the last few years, managers and staff from various industries have noticed that stakeholder and communication management are decisive factors for project success and meeting organizations’ goals. And this is because stakeholder and communications management apply to clients, permitting agencies, end-users, communities at large, and other entities that can impact a project, either positively or negatively, and help build an organization’s reputation.

Once you have decided to attend project management training, whether or not that training leads to certification, it behooves you to carefully select the approach and methodology that best fits the projects you manage, as well as your industry. For example, the Waterfall Methodology may be more appropriate if you primarily work on projects with predictive lifecycles, such as construction. However, if you work on IT projects, then Agile may be your best bet. In some cases, a hybrid version, which combines the best of Waterfall and Agile, maybe the best approach to carry out your work successfully.

At PM Workshops, our focus is always on customer satisfaction since most of our work comes from repeat customers and through word-of-mouth. Therefore, we always configure all our workshops, training courses, and related course materials per our students’ and clients’ needs. To that end, we typically collaborate closely with our customers before delivering our training and consulting services. Also, we provide follow-up assistance after offering to consult or training services to ensure that the students and course participants clearly understand the material and apply it to their current and future work.

Project Management Training for PMP Exam Prep

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