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Project Management Materials

There always seems to be an infinite number of publications when I am looking for manuals or books in engineering, structural design, architecture, and, of course, project management. And although I have an extensive selection of books and guidelines on this subject, it is not because I need all of them per se, but rather because each text offers information and tips, which I find helpful. The same applied to stud guides when I was studying for the PMP. In the end, I decided on reading and studying the PMBOK, which at that time it was the fourth edition, plus a book with as many sample questions as I could find. In addition, I also researched and studied common terms and standards associated with project management since I did not only want to pass the PMP, I also wanted to become a better project manager.

Project Management Materials

I have recently been asked by many of my clients to recommend study guides and sample exam questions, which are the most relevant. And after spending some time researching, I was unable to find the right sample exam book, which I felt covered the material, as well as challenged my clients to learn and use applicable examples; examples that were relatable, applicable, and diverse enough that they would cover a wide range of project management situations. Therefore, in the end, I decided to develop and publish my version of a sample exam questions book, which would assist my clients in becoming certified as project managers and provide them with a hands-on approach, which they could use in their day-to-day work.

I found the process of writing the book both challenging and fascinating. Since I have been a project manager for over two decades, I found I had a wealth of knowledge in an extensive assortment of projects, as well as a considerable amount of experience working with stakeholders, which is not to say that all the experiences were positive or they worked out well. Still, even the negative experiences have taught me so much about what not to do and what I should have done better. Also, using case studies made learning the project material more exciting and realistic than just asking technical questions without context.

I am almost done with my book, and it will contain more than 1,000 questions, including the case above studies. And when done, I will provide it for free to my clients and market it to interested parties. However, the most significant benefit achieved currently is applying my experience and adapting the material to a broader range of approaches, such as agile hybrids and traditional predictive lifecycles. It has been inordinately advantageous for my clients and me to prepare project management material, which can be readily adapted to our current work and provide a resource to become certified and become a better project management professional.

Project Management Materials

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