Professional SEO Discusses 3 Ways to Improve SEO Content Strategy

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Professional SEO Discusses 3 Ways to Show Creativity for SEO Content Strategy in Place

The writing process is iterative, creative, and of course, collaborative. Here group effort means brainstorming together to think of unique topics that you can write about and pen your thoughts. Every SEO writer should pitch his idea about the article or blog topic in the brainstorming session. As a creative writer, you need to figure out your target audience’s wants from your guest post or how-to article. For this, you need to have an SEO content strategy to help your website rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

According to an article published on, the critical aspect of quality SEO writing is branding. Therefore, hiring copywriters outside the industry or someone who does not know much about business is not free from risk. That is because your website content, blogs, social media posts, etc., must be cohesive with your overall brand message. Even a little variation could hurt your marketing message. It would be best if you integrated creativity into SEO content writing. Here is how:

  1. Take interviews with business leaders in different industries and then write.

It would help if you spoke to business leaders in other industries to discuss mitigating risks when there is a lean period. Ask another leader how he tackles challenges when the weather is rough, implying poor sales or employee productivity issues. Now, these topics might not be directly related to your business. Still, you will learn to synthesize the intricate problems and change them into strategic decisions for your marketing department, thus letting you exercise your creativity.

You can interview experts from industries via phone or email and use their replies to develop consequential and logical stories. Then, when you have a team of writers, they will not feel that they are running out of ideas because they can develop the content from the responses you received from the business leaders.

If you have a restaurant or food business, talk to the best chefs from hotels or bistros near you. Again, if you own an online store, you can speak with e-commerce consultants to improve your online store’s product description pages. The inputs you receive will help you churn out a detailed and engaging blog post related to your restaurant or e-commerce website.

When you take the experts’ feedback seriously, it will give you a competitive edge in ranking in the SERPs. What matters is whom you choose to talk to and how that person’s experience aligns with your buyers’ interests and brainstorm ideas from the interviews.

  1. Look for a human connection.

When working as a marketer, you’re frequently asked to pen your thoughts about uninteresting topics, which are part of your keyword (KW) tactic. These topics might be like, a complete guide semantic search in 2020, how to use Google’s knowledge graph, how do you migrate your website without compromising SEO. Now, these topics will help your audience, but creatively presenting the information is challenging.

The best way to deal with this issue is finding a possible human angle no matter what topic you write on or how boring the subject sounds. The easy way to find a human angle is by including the reader’s perspective in the blog. If you have any doubts about writing SEO content with a social aspect, visit to get your questions answered.

A user looking for a KW is searching for that search term as a part of a more critical business marketing strategy. Ask your content writers to look at the bigger picture and use the SERP options to narrate more holistic and creative stories surrounding the topic they have to write.

For example, if you write about including a short video on your landing page, inject some creativity in the body content, which is a proper guide to include the video. Add some creativity in the introduction, which is showing empathy for your audience. Your audience wants to know how to keep producing engaging content. When you explain every step of adding a video to your landing page, you precisely answer the audience’s question. It is one human angle that all can relate to easily.

  1. Connect with your audience in real life, when feasible

Sometimes, you need to interact with your audience to add more creativity to your SEO content. For instance, you can arrange a 20-minute chat with your client to figure out the marketing challenges he usually faces. The person might be working with a small team and has no detailed marketing plan, as he fitted in content creation for social media, PR, email campaigns for his startup.

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These interactions could give you ideas about an original blog post. You can ask your best writer to come to his desk and write about the top social media analytics tools. Once the writer realizes the real-life significance of this blog post from the client’s perspective, he will write an informative, engaging post that addresses the solution and not just talks about the problem.

Many marketers do not have the time to research the benefits and pitfalls of numerous tools or may not have the budget to implement or use something fancy. When you have such chat conversations with your audience, it will inspire you to write creative pieces.

Then, it’s not always feasible to have such chat conversations with your client but try to squeeze some time out for a chat at least once. Again, there are ways of adding creativity to your SEO content. These include surveying your social networking audience, interacting with your blog readers on Twitter, or directly sending a questionnaire to your readers’ in the form of an email newsletter.


Use these ideas to show some creativity when writing a blog or a how-to article. It takes time to think creatively when you need to focus on technical SEO as well. Therefore, create quality content with the clever use of KWs in the piece to reach out to a broader audience base and rank high in the SERPs.

Professional SEO Discusses 3 Ways to Improve SEO Content Strategy

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