Product Reviews Help People Make a Buying Decision

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Affiliate marketing can be complicated for beginners and pros alike.

Every affiliate marketer tries to sell their products in any way possible; the most used method is product reviews.

You can write as many product reviews as you want on your affiliate blog, and if they are well written, you are bound to make some sales.

You need to understand that for any product review to become converting; it needs to meet the following guidelines:

  1. Proper spelling and grammar (especially for non-native English speakers)
  2. Eye-catching designs (designed headlines, blog theme)
  3. Good copywriting skills (knowing when to bold, italic, and underline your text)
  4. Different content types (videos, screenshots, text)
  5. High level of trust between the affiliate and his blog readers (because trust sells)

Once you do all the above steps, you can expect your product reviews to convert and bring in affiliate sales.

This article will show you how to write affiliate product reviews that generate high sales for any quality product you are promoting.

The Different Types of Product Reviews

If you are selling your affiliate products through your blog, you will be writing your reviews in the form of blog posts.

This means that the title of your review is what will make people click your product review to read it.

There are different types of review titles, each one of them entices readers in a certain way:

  • Scarcity
  • Discounts
  • Comparisons
  • Controversial

Scarcity is a compelling human motivator.

When you tell readers that there are limited copies of the product or even limited discount copies, people will seriously consider buying it before it is too late.

Discounts are a great way to sell any product, especially if it is high-priced or monthly services.

Many affiliate marketers have relationships with product owners, and they ask them for an exclusive coupon code to give to their readers.

Comparing multiple products with your affiliate product is an excellent technique to show your readers why they should buy your affiliate product.

This is very effective if you promote a new product in a niche where there is another leader product.

For example, in a niche like email marketing, the leaders are GetResponse and AWeber Email Marketing; they are both top-rated email marketing services.

Now, if you want to sell a relatively new email marketing product, then it will be hard to get someone to buy it as the competition is stiff.

But if your affiliate product has a specific feature that none of those leaders have, then you can write your product review as a feature comparison.

This is an example of a comparison product review:

Controversial product reviews have the best CTR (click-through rate).

That means they get clicked a lot, and in turn, they get read.

This is an example of a controversial product review:

This affiliate marketer played on the conception that his affiliate product is perceived as a scam, or there is a doubt that it is.

His readers will naturally click on his blog post to know if their doubts are genuine or not.

Within your product review, you can show your readers that this is a common misconception and try to deliver the quality of your affiliate product.

This technique is primarily used in niches that have a high rate of scam products, places like:

  • Make money online
  • Forex
  • Internet Marketing

Finding the Best Review Type for Your Affiliate Product

Knowing how to write your product review in a certain way will depend on the product and your niche.

I am going to show you a way to find proven review-writing techniques for your affiliate product.

Google the name of your product plus “review.”

As you can see from our research on this affiliate product, the best kind of review is to write a controversial product review.

As long as you are sure that your affiliate product is of high quality, you can rebuttal these claims on your product review.

Or another technique is to find another similar product to your affiliate product and see what kind of product reviews are written (using the same method as above).

How to Write your Affiliate Product Review

Before you open up your MS word file and start writing your product review, you need to collect the materials you will use in your product review.

Add the following content can increase the effectiveness of your review copy:

  1. Video of the Product
  2. Screenshots of the Product
  3. Features and Benefits

Adding videos in your product reviews increases your sales conversion rates in a big way.

Most people don’t have the energy to read long written product reviews, and they prefer watching a video instead.

Browsers comprehend pictures better than text, as it requires less brain power to process visual information than a textual one.

For basically any product, there are two types of videos, promotional and walk-through types.

Promotional or pitch videos are not the best to add to your product reviews because they excite the product.

On the other hand, walk-through videos will show people the product in product-in-action

to find those walk-through videos and add them to your product review.

They are usually created by current users of the product or sometimes by the product owner himself.

Head to YouTube and type in your product name:

Videos over 3 minutes are usually walk-through videos, but you still need to play the video to make sure it is not a pitch video.

To add the video to your WordPress blog, you need to get the embed code for the video:

Add this HTML code in your WordPress “Add Post” dashboard’s section, but switch to HTML view to add it.

Screenshots are essential to add to your product reviews.

They say a picture speaks 1000 words, which you need to have on your review page.

If you have access to the product, you can add screenshots of the most important features or even a particular result that the product generates.

You can also search Google Images to find different screenshots and images for the product:

The product’s features and benefits are the easiest ones to find; they are usually on its sales page.

By scanning the sales copy, you can find the best benefits to add to your product review.


Giving enough focus in writing your product reviews is very important; it is a task that you shouldn’t mix with any other.

After all, your product review is your gateway to many affiliate sales, something you do once and has been there for a long time.

Many affiliate marketing courses (like offer various affiliate tools to help you write killer product reviews; if you have access to any of those, it is a huge plus.

Product Reviews Help People Make a Buying Decision