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Product Photography Tips for eCommerce Business Owners

It feels like small business owners have to figure it all out for themselves. There’s usually no creative team to take your dreams and make them a reality for you, so you have to learn on the fly and self-correct as you go. It’s a tough job.

In our digital age where everyone has a high-quality camera on their phones, great photography is expected of businesses. eCommerce business owners must be able to produce beautiful photographs of their products or they risk getting buried under the millions of other products and businesses out there.

But you aren’t totally on your own here. You have the help of friends and a strong community of eCommerce fans to help you out. Here are a few unique photography tips for eCommerce business owners who try to do it all:

Label and Organize Your Photos

Labels are the key to effectively organizing your eCommerce photos. Take a look at how they stand now. Are your image names random serial numbers or dates that don’t mean much to you? Go ahead and give them more descriptive labels with keywords that will make all your photos easy to search and find anytime you need one.

If you need to rename thousands of files at once, use Bulk Rename Utility to quickly rename, organize, and manage your files. Macs have a built-in feature to help rename and organize large batches of files.

Edit Like a Professional

Organizing your photos is only half the battle — they also need to look perfect. As an eCommerce business owner and not a photographer, you might be tempted to hire out for your photography tasks. But when you’re just starting out, outsourcing might not be a feasible option. If you’re doing your own photography, then some basic editing skills are a must.

First, getting the right lighting, angles, and background will make a huge difference in the quality of your photos. There are tons of photography guides for business owners, so we’re not going to reiterate the same old information here. But it’s also a good idea to take your editing skills to the next level with some photoshop tricks.

A few photoshop tricks you’ll want to master for product photography include:

  • Background removal
  • Color correction
  • Color variation
  • Shadow manipulation

These fixes will take your photos from mediocre to professional with little effort or investment. If you’re interested in learning these editing tricks, check out this photoshop tutorial for beginners or try a few free photoshop training courses.

Use Drone Photography for Large Items

Have you thought of using a drone for your eCommerce photography? It might sound crazy, but using a drone is a great way to get 360-degree product photography for large items, which could be a great way to stand out from competitors.

Rather than shelling out the money to get a turntable, r the effort of moving the camera around a large object, you could easily fly a drone around it for some aerial shots. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the drone photography settings before renting or buying one for your eCommerce photography. For great drone photos, try these settings out:

  • Shoot images in JPEG+RAW format.
  • Set your “White Balance” option to Auto0.
  • Set “Style” to standard.
  • Set “Color” to normal/none or true color.
  • Enable the grid lines and center point options to help with framing the shots.

eCommerce photography doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to be good! We hope these tips have helped you improve your product images and maybe even relieve some stress.

Product Photography Tips for eCommerce Business Owners

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