Product Designer Tool: An Intuitive Approach to Offer Exceptional User-Experience.

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E-commerce is among the competitive industries in the world. To boost up the online sales of your e-commerce store and stay ahead of the competitors, it is important to provide customers with exceptional user experience. It means that you should design your e-commerce store in such a way that it caters to the requirements of your target audience while following the latest e-commerce trend at the same time.

One such trend, which has become quite popular among customers is customized products. Gone are the days, when the customers would choose from the available options. Today, people want to buy customized products, which they can create on their own. And, since they have too many online shops to visit, they’re less likely to compromise with their expectations.

In today’s competitive scenario, e-commerce stores which do offer customization option to the customers will witness improved sales while others are likely to experience a downfall in their sales. So, whether you’re selling t-shirts or a coffee mug, it is imperative that the customers have the option to customize it.

To do so, however, you need to integrate product designer tool into your online store. A product designer tool is an in-built software, available in the majority of e-commerce platforms, which lets the customers customize the products the way they want.

Product designer tools are transforming the current e-commerce scenario and avoiding it is going to damage your sales for sure. The following points explain some of the key benefits of product designer tools and why should you bother to integrate it into your website:

Easy Customization

Here’s a hypothetical scenario:

Let’s say you sell t-shirts on your online store. A new customer lands on your website and he’s a big-time Ronaldo fan. He wants to buy a t-shirt having Ronaldo’s jersey number at the back, along with his name.

This is only possible when your website has a product designer tool. The tool has several pre-defined templates and color options, which will allow the customer to design a customized t-shirt exactly the way he wants.

These product designer tools are extremely user-friendly and don’t take too much time to customize the product. It means that if your website is fulfilling the expectations of your customers, they’re most likely to return in the future.

Wide Range of Choices

With customization coming into the picture, users no longer have to pick a product from the available options. Rather they can use the designer tool to customize everything. This leaves them with a wide range of options to choose from.

Wide Range of Choices

For instance, if a customer doesn’t like a t-shirt in the red color, he can choose another color from the available color template options. Similarly, if someone doesn’t like the printed text on the t-shirt, he can use the text box to add a personal quote. This is another advantage of having a dedicated product designer tool i.e., it provides customers with ample amount of options.

Sell Anything

When it comes to customization, there aren’t any limits. Customers can customize everything, starting from a pen to a coffee mug. It means that you have a better scope for sales and can target a wide range of audience at the same time. Of course, you can start out by selling one product, and expand with time, especially if you’re a startup or a small business.

However, if your e-store has been in the market for a while and you have the capital to expand, this is the right time to start expanding. Add items such as t-shirts, glasses, shoes, etc. and boost up your online sales while providing engaging user-experience to the customers.

Choose the Right Product Designer Tool

These are three of the major benefits of having a designer tool on your e-commerce website. However, it is worth noting that you should always integrate the most suitable tool as per your business requirements. The market is stacked with several designer tools. Each of these tools is designed to cater to certain requirements of a specific business.

Choose the Right Product Designer Tool

So, make sure to pick a designer tool which best suits your business requirements. If you’re running your e-commerce website on platforms like Magento and WooCommerce, you will easily find the best designer tools for your business.


E-commerce business is on the rise, and if you follow the right tactics, you can easily drive more traffic and sales to your website. Customization is the key to survive in today’s competitive market and therefore, it is important to add a designer tool to your website.

This will help you provide exceptional user-experience to the customers and skyrocket your business revenue. If you aren’t familiar with the working of an e-commerce platform, we recommend hiring professional e-commerce developers and let the professionals integrate the best designer tool as per your business.

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Sunit Panwar is chief technology officer at RV Technologies. He is very passionate about implementing new technologies while developing innovative web and app development projects. He constantly looks forward to various interesting ideas and ways to implement them with advanced functionalities. He keeps on inspiring the developers with new functionalities, ideas as well as tools.

Product Designer Tool: An Intuitive Approach to Offer Exceptional User-Experience.