Practical Tips for Mobile App Marketing During Pre-Launch Phase

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Mobile app marketing is similar to marketing any other product which is done in three main phases. The pre-launch, the launch and post-launch. This article focuses on what you should do during pre-launch.

According to statistical data and market insight, mobile apps will generate more than $190 billion by 2020. The revenue will be earned through downloads from Play Stores and advertising through the apps. It is therefore important that you understand how to market your mobile application to ensure that the target users can find it. You can consider hiring a mobile application development in Dubai company to assist you.

Marketing mobile apps are like marketing any other product. The process is divided into three important phases. Pre-launch which covers the period between app development to launch. The second phase is the launch. It is the time you first present your app to the market until the first few weeks. The last phase is the post-launch which is the period when the launch novelty has faded off and continues for the rest of the app’s life cycle. If you decide to go for mobile application development in Dubai, then you should choose a marketing specialist who is familiar with the market.

Mobile App Marketing During Pre-Launch Phase

Market Research

This is the most crucial stage of any mobile app marketing. Doing market research means that you collect relevant data that will help identify relevant information with regards to your target audience. The information that you come up with during this stage is what will form your marketing strategy. Take note of essential customer demographics that will help you come up with the most practical and useful app for users.

Select a Perfect Release Date

It is important to set a deadline for any task. When it comes to app marketing, selecting a perfect release date is one of the most important things. This will not only help you work harder but also boost your morale knowing that you have something to accomplish. Failure to set a launch date will lead to low productivity and delays.

Do a Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis helps you know what you are up against before you decide to enter a particular market. In March 2017, there were about 2.8 million apps in the Google Play Store while the Apple App store had about 2.2 million. Not all these apps are going to be your competitors but the chances are that your product competitors will run into hundreds of thousands. Competitive analysis helps you to understand the competitor’s product which enables you to develop a better one. Make sure that you stay on top of what is happening in your industry by subscribing to competitor’s blogs or newsletters.

Develop a Specific Brand Message

What is the solution or problem solved by your mobile app or is it just for fun? How do you want your customers to identify your brand? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when coming up with a brand message. It is easier to communicate with your target customers if the message is clear and concise. Customers are also likely to identify with and engage more with the message if it is in black and white.

Get Your PR Team Ready

Public relations is the most critical part of any marketing strategy. It is also easy to market your app if you are on good terms with the general public. Furthermore, you are likely to give out a lot of materials during the launch phase. Some of the materials include the press release, screenshots of your app and your company’s logo in different resolutions. You should, therefore, ensure that your PR kit is ready in advance whether you will launch the app offline or online.

Prepare for the Launch Through Various Platforms

There are different platforms that you can use to prepare for the launch of the app. They include a website, landing page or microsite. If you already have a website, then you should go straight into creating a landing page specifically for the mobile application. Ensure that you create useful navigation links and cookies that will enable users to download the app with ease.

Consider E-mail Marketing

Do you have e-mails of people who might be interested in the app? If yes well and good. If no then the pre-launch stage is the best time to start generating potentials leads that you can convert to customers. Collect their e-mails and send them messages once the launch phase is in place.

Define Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a critical part of digital marketing. It is the most integral part of digital marketing. Since you already know your target users, identify keywords that you can optimize for and start creating useful content. The content should be appropriate for all major digital marketing channels such as blogs, newsletters, e-mails, and social media.

Practical Tips for Mobile App Marketing During Pre-Launch Phase

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