PPC for Small Businesses: 5 Best Strategies to Know About

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We all live in a fast-paced world where you need to focus on marketing strategies to boost your business. They help in promoting your brand to generate leads and sales. However, these marketing strategies can be costly, and small businesses might face difficulties spending many on them. In that case, a tool brings an expensive approach at an affordable cost, PPC.

PPC is a marketing strategy that can help small businesses get massive traffic and leads on your business website. No matter how small your budget is, PPC can be an excellent tool for all your marketing needs. All you need is an experienced PPC management company that will suggest some of the best PPC strategies to target a broad audience and get sales. But before that, let’s learn about some of the basics related to PPC marketing.

PPC Marketing: Concept and Motive

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a form of marketing where an advertiser runs an ad campaign on any platform supporting advertisements. Every time a user clicks that ad, the advertiser pays a certain amount to the hosting platform. Hence the technique is called pay per click. The paying fee depends on the bidding system in which advertisers usually fight for the top slots. The range of PPC fees can be anywhere from a few cents to many pounds per click.

There are generally three goals for which an advertiser runs a PPC ad campaign. These are:

  • Generating leads
  • Maximizing sales
  • Brand awareness

Sometimes, the company’s goals can be all three of them. However, they need full-proof planning for that because focusing on all the plans simultaneously can mess up the results. For this, it is better to hire a company that provides PPC campaign management services. These companies can analyze your objectives, prepare a strategic plan, and run a relevant ad campaign as per the available budget.

PPC Marketing Platforms: Where to get the best results?

A good marketer should know where to promote their products to get the maximum reach and the right audience interested in buying them. The same rule applies in PPC ad campaigns too. Therefore, it is crucial to post your advertisements on platforms that are way popular and have chances to reach many consumers. Search engines can be a great pick in such a case as they offer the advertisers to show relevant ads to their users searching for the same information. However, social media platforms are also in this race and pose a reliable choice due to the many users. Below is the list of few popular PPC ad platforms that you can choose from:

Google Ads

With the combination of display network sites, partner sites, and Google search, there is no doubt that Google Ads is the most significant player in the game of PPC ad campaigning. Launched in October 2000, it is still ruling the advertising market and serving companies from small startups to Fortune 500.

Microsoft Advertising

It is next on the list of the top PPC marketing platforms. Microsoft Advertising shows its advertisements on Microsoft and Yahoo networks. Along with that, it also utilizes search partners for the same. 

Social Media Platforms

It comprises various platforms like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest, and many more to post an ad and run a campaign using the PPC technique. Since these social media handles consist of millions of users, posting ads on them can be a good choice for gaining users’ attention to your products and services.

Top 5 PPC Strategies: Choose the Best, Get the Best

Different businesses choose different tactics to tackle the challenges they face while marketing their brand. However, some specific techniques and strategies can help small-scale companies get the most out of these. Here they are:

Correctly structure your ad campaigns.

You might be unaware that search engines like Google use a metric known as Quality Score that decides how much an advertiser needs to pay per click. If you have a relevant and optimized ad campaign, you will get a quality score better than the others who have unoptimized and irrelevant ones. As a result, Google will charge you less fee when a user clicks on your ad.

Therefore, it is crucial to have well-structured and optimized ad campaigns to get a better quality score. For this, make sure you organize your campaigns into proper ad groups and redirect your users to a relevant landing page.

Run your ad campaigns on multiple platforms

Many small businesses rely only on Google Ads for promoting their products and services, which is not wrong anyway. But, as already mentioned, Google Ads is the top player in PPC marketing through which you can reach a broad audience easily if your ad campaigns are well-structured.

However, it does not mean that you should limit your promotion to Google Ads only. There are other platforms like social media to run an ad campaign and target many users worldwide. Moreover, the account holders of these social media handles are pretty active, enhancing your chances of getting leads and even sales.

Write a compelling and interactive ad copy.

The most important part of your ad campaign is to write a compelling ad copy that differentiates you from your competitors and attracts users to your website. But how to write such an ad copy? Well, use the following practices to create one:

    • First, deliver the information relevant to the users in your advertisement.
    • Highlight the prices, offers, or exclusives.
    • Share what makes you unique from others, like free delivery, additional warranty, extra benefits, etc.
    • Add CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons, like Subscribe, Buy now, Apply now, etc.
    • Make sure the landing pages deliver the same information which is present on your ad copy.
    • Focus more on the points that benefit the users rather than the product’s features or services.

Insert Ad extensions

When your goals are to get leads and sales, attracting users to your site is not enough. There can be times when a user might be interested in your services and want to talk about the same. But how will the visitors contact you to clear their queries?

In that case, ad extensions can prove to be a real help. These extensions are mainly a medium through which the users can get in touch with you. There are many ad extensions that you can add to your campaign; however, below are the ones that are most common and popular among others:

    • Call Extension: Call extension allows your users to call your business directly. These are preferred extensions for the companies that provide specific services like repairing products.
    • Message Extension: With message extension, users can text your customer assistance team through their mobile phones. You can either set up an automated messaging service or assign a designated number or email account to reply to users’ texts.
    • Price Extension: Price extension helps your users see the product details, pricing, and payment options available for the products they choose.

These extensions are crucial from the conversion point of view and help you stand apart from your competitors.

Use tools that save your time

When time is money, please do not waste it on using the conventional techniques to create a PPC ad that takes ages to complete. Instead, many PPC automation tools like Google Ads Editor, WordStream Advisor, AdEspresso, SEMrush, and many more will help you design and optimize your ad campaigns. With a wide range of enthralling features, these tools will save a lot of your time to invest in some other part of your business.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of PPC strategies available in the market that can help your business grow. But the tricky part is to choose the ones that will suit your company’s needs and budget. With the five strategies given in this article, you can transform your PPC ad campaigns into those that will tempt your users to click on your ads. Therefore, contact a PPC management company today and get an interactive and well-organized ad campaign to capture the audience and generate profits.

PPC for Small Businesses: 5 Best Strategies to Know About

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