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5 Best Powerpoint Templates to Present Your Marketing Plans in 2021

Presentations often get the best of us. Some people might just have an off-day, but others generally have a bad time with them.

What helps, in either case, is having a proper presentation. A presentation done right helps keep things on track. 

Marketing professionals know that an effective presentation is key in impressing your audience with a coherent and engaging message. 

Now, in the age of the internet, presentations have extended their capabilities further. No longer is it necessary to be in the same room with the audience. 

People are now able to present over the internet. They can do this either through video conferences or right from the program.

The tricky part is that you’re going to have to pay a lot more attention to what you’re presenting, as your audience will just be staring at your slide presentation. 

It’s a relatively easy project putting together a presentation on PowerPoint. But, since everyone is using the same templates that come with the program, finding a unique look will be an issue.  

Nowadays, this isn’t even too much of a problem since there are loads of free templates available online. These can help get you started with your presentation. 

So, on that note, we’ve compiled 5 of the best templates for marketing professionals. This should help you get started on creating that winning presentation.

5 Best Marketing Templates

1. Buzz Marketing PowerPoint Template

When trying to make a point, a buzz marketing template can help you send the message across. You won’t need an actual megaphone to get your audience’s attention. Input your goal for your marketing presentation.

Change up the font to make your message stand out even more. There are several slides with different forms and designs that you can choose from. This is also a great way of paying tribute to traditional megaphone marketing.


Download Buzz Marketing PowerPoint Template


TAM SAM SOM is a template that focuses on presenting marketing analysis data. The goal of the template is to help guide long-term business goals and ideas.

For those uninvolved with that part of the process, TAM, SAM, and SOM are terms used in market research. Specifically, they stand for:

  • TAM – Total Available Market
  • SAM – Serviceable Available Market
  • SOM – Serviceable Obtainable Market

The 3 elements help business owners see what kind of numbers they should be targeting. This is most especially important for start-ups.

The template helps you present these components as an onion graph. This allows the audience to process the data visually; the important facts are communicated effectively, enabling better data retention.

Download TAM SAM SOM template

3. Milestone Shapes & Timeline for PowerPoint

A timeline template of your company’s achievements or goals can give a clear message to your audience. You can include the notable milestones that you want to highlight. Instead of too much flashy graphics, simple traffic cones on the road with a plain background will help your audience focus on the important bits. 

When using timeline templates such as this, don’t put too much text. You can give a short context that’s memorable. Then, proceed with explaining about each milestone. Too many texts may become an eyesore to your audience. 

Powerpoint Templates for Marketing Plans

Download Milestone Shapes & Timeline for PowerPoint

4. Market Analysis

The Market Analysis template is for the data-oriented presentation. It’s a professional-looking design with just the right amount of color to keep things a little more active. 

It’s meant for the preliminary data that comes out of the research. It’s a very professional looking template that surely guarantees a serious and considered response.

Despite that, it also has a fresh look with the color choices. It’s slightly reminiscent of Google Android’s Material design, with the muted colors. 

This is perfect for presenting important data. We all know how easy it can be to bore an audience with too much data. The template is engaging enough without being distracting. 

Download Market Analysis template 

5. 3D Market Segmentation PowerPoint Template

Pie charts are always easy to understand as long as you create or choose the right design. For this template, it involves 3D graphics, which gives a more professional feel to your presentation.

When your presentation involves market segmentation, this template will be a great addition to your prepared slides. It’s color-coded with vivid hues, and it has premade legends where you need to input your information.


Download 3D Market Segmentation PowerPoint Template


Presentations are generally ways of communicating with an audience. Be it your team, your client, or a potential investor. The goal is always to communicate information properly.

A big part of the whole process is how you communicate that information. You might have valuable data, but if you can’t communicate that, it won’t matter. 

This is why some businesses have focused on creating templates for PowerPoint presentations. There can be a charge for these, making this an added expense for your team.

The best part about this list? All the templates we mentioned are completely free. You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to create something worthwhile.

What’s left for you to do is gather that data and prepare for your presentation. We’ve given you the starting point. Things should be simple from here.

Powerpoint Templates for Marketing Plans


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