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PMP Certification Exam Preparation Online Classes and Workshops

As a PMP-certified individual, I am a staunch advocate for obtaining this professional authentication. And not just because of the course work you have to learn, the terminology, or the capabilities building process you have to go through but rather because it creates a platform from which to work with other professionals. After so many years of working in civil engineering, I was always surprised to meet staff members from various industries with a project manager’s designation. Yet, they had never prepared a budget, schedule, or even scope, which is crucial for any project.

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PMP Certification Exam Preparation Online Classes and Workshops

PMP Certification Exam Preparation Online Classes and Workshops

Unfortunately, the sales staff promises a particular product and service (scope) to clients in many industries and the corresponding budget and schedule. Yet, the actual project work and preparing the deliverables are tasks associated with the “project manager.” In other words, the term project manager is often misused and overused, which can cause confusion and consternation in clients, members from external teams, and other stakeholders who have a more realistic interpretation of what a project manager is and does.

Although the PMP certification does not guarantee that you will be a better or even a good manager, it does challenge you to use your hard-earned experience effectively, learn new capabilities and skills, and perform a drill, which is what the exam is, that tests you in your ability to quickly assess and address any work experience, and provide an effective solution. After that, your drive and interest in honing your skills further are what will set you apart as a project manager.

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Another advantage of having a PMP certification is that it demonstrates that you can competently lead a team, provide outstanding service to your clients, and communicate effectively with your stakeholders to engage them strategically and ensure that their expectations are addressed accordingly. Also, PMP managers are trained and able to motivate their staff for the good of the project and the organizations’ strategies for their growth, success, and industry presence, since, as we all know, successful companies are motivated and satisfied people.

For the actual individuals holding the PMP certification, you will not only stand out in the crowd of other applicants and perhaps your peers, but, according to PMI’s latest salary survey, you can earn on average 35% more than your non-certified colleagues or competitors. But beyond that, the skills, guidelines, and processes you learn, as a PMP will help you in your personal life, as well as your profession. For example, since becoming a PMP in 2010, I have used the skills I learned to not only launch my own business successfully and globally, but have also planned my daughter’s education, addressed critical events in my personal life, and all through planning, budgeting, scheduling, mitigating risks and by managing my and my stakeholders’ expectations. Therefore, I highly recommend you become certified, and I hope you will allow PM Workshops to help you achieve this goal.

PMP Certification Exam Preparation Online Classes and Workshops

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