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Platform options: what should you use for your fashion blog

Whether you are setting up a new fashion blog or looking for a better opportunity to switch, having the right platform can actually make a huge difference to how your blog works.

The idea is to compare your options and weigh the pros and cons to find a platform that perfectly blends with the theme and feel of your blog. Most fashion bloggers – especially the beginners – would consider ‘pricing’ as the primary deciding factor, which is why WordPress.org, WordPress.com, and the like are quite popular for their free web-hosting services.


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However, if you are anything significant, with more followers and customers, like Leather Skin Shop, you need to be more careful with your platform choice. Don’t forget, the more investment you are ready to make, the more customizable options you get when you have your own online space to display your work and talent.

Top fashion blog platform options

Before jumping to the list, knowing what you are precisely looking for can narrow down your choices. For a beginner, having a blogging space that’s easier to setup and requires minimum coding skills sounds like a deal. But at the same time, it is necessary to think about the future of your blog.

As it evolves and grows, you may require additional features and an upgraded look, which may not be available on the site you initially chose. This means you must make the right decision in the beginning and keep your options flexible so that you have enough room to grow when the time comes.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, we have compiled the top platform options most suitable for fashion bloggers. These include the pros and cons to help you make a wise and informed decision.


Undoubtedly, the award for the most popular blogging platform goes to WordPress.org. First and foremost, it is essential to know that WordPress.org and WordPress.com are two different hosting options.

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As far as WordPress.org is concerned, it is an open source, which enables a blogger to craft the entire thing on their own. The platform provides self-hosted solutions, which requires signing up with WordPress hosting.

Pricing: The software is available for free but includes tons of paid features. You can even purchase the domain for $14.99/year.


  • More control over different aspects of your fashion blog
  • The flexibility of options with features like an online store, forums, and membership
  • The platform supports growth
  • org features thousands of premium and free themes to suit your requirements.
  • Bloggers can access around 45,000 different plug-ins to introduce new features.
  • Helps with search engine optimization


  • Creating and managing the entire blog requires some learning
  • You need to take care of the security issues by yourself

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Blogger is another popular yet free platform suitable for fashion bloggers. The hosting service has been acquired by Google and offers an easy-to-setup, SEO friendly platform for non-tech savvy users.

The platform is suitable for fashion bloggers because it allows easy management and publishing of your work.

Pricing: Custom domain hosting on blogger platform is absolutely free.


  • Zero cost
  • Can be used by beginners and professionals alike
  • Does not require technical skills to run and manage a blog
  • Enjoys added advantages of reliability and secure platform of Google


  • The blogging tools are basic and do not include advanced new features
  • Limited design and template options
  • Lacks new features and frequent updates
  • Google has the authority to suspend your blog at any point


The co-founder of WordPress.org, Matt Mullenweg, is also behind the company Automattic, responsible for offering blog hosting services through WordPress.com. Nevertheless, both platforms are different from each other with varying sets of features.

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WordPress.com offers a more basic service for blog hosting. However, it is a suitable platform for fashion bloggers as it allows expansion through additional features like more storage, custom domain name, and a list of other premium services.

Pricing: The basic services are available for free. An updated Personal Plan that costs $2.99/month can help you get rid of advertising, WordPress logo, and give you your own custom domain name. Access additional storage and design tools for an additional $8.25/month.


  • Does not require a setup
  • Not tech-savvy
  • Easy to use


  • Limited features and options on the basic plan
  • Does not support advertisement on the blog
  • WordPress has the authority to suspend your account in case of violating their service terms.


Tumblr can be the most ideal platform for fashion bloggers for its advanced features and unique hosting services. The efficient microblogging platform includes tons of vital social networking tools such as re-blogging, following other blogs, built-in tool sharing, etc.

For any established fashion blogger looking to expand their target audience, Tumblr is the best.

Pricing: The blogging platform is free to use. However, you can purchase a custom domain for your blog. While there are basic apps and themes available on Tumblr, you can also access and buy third party themes.


  • Free hosting service
  • Easy to use
  • Includes integrated social media element
  • Allows GIFs, blog videos, audio formats, and images


  • Limited features and may not be suitable for a growing blog
  • Additional features cannot be used on the available theme
  • Importing or backing up Tumblr blog is tricky.


Squarespace is an exceptional blog building service, which allows fashion bloggers to display their work creatively. The hosting service is easy to use and features simple drag-and-drop tools to make website management easy.

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The platform is perfect for small business owners and fashion bloggers striving to establish an online presence.

Pricing: Personal Plans can cost $16/month while Business Plans are billed at $26/month. Expect to receive a good discount for paying annually or in advance.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Amazing range of professionally designed themes and templates
  • Offers domain name separately


  • The web hosting services are not free
  • Limited built-in features
  • You can only access 20 pages, one blog, and two contributors on a Personal plan.
  • Limited integration of tools and services


The decision of where you want to display your passion for fashion is as crucial as deciding which city you want to settle in. While there’s always an option to move, it requires a lot of work which can be avoided if you make the right decision in the first go.

So use the information above, compare your options, and choose a blogging platform that perfectly matches your style and requirements.


Author Bio:

About Ashley Rosa: Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well.  She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her on twitter: @ashrosa2.



Platform options: what should you use for your fashion blog


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