PHP Security Functions- Different Approaches to Tighten Website Security
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PHP Security Functions- Different Approaches to Tighten Website Security

Apparently, every technological advancement is giving retailers an opportunity to excel. However, we should also be aware of the hackers’ power increasing every time.

Hackers are also programming professionals who are well-versed with the technology and perfectly know how to utilize it for security thefts online.

What kind of security threats you can face while running a web application?

Though there are multiple security concerns I shall discuss some of the common and most dangerous ones in digital retail. Let’s start below:-

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

In this kind of security threat, the hackers tend to insert malicious code usually JavaScript in your web application. It is generally done through user input forms like comments forms or contact us forms etc.

Some common harms of such attack are:-

– Retrieve sensitive information from your application,

– Redirects users to malicious URLs,

Shell injection, Script source code disclosure, PHP code injection are some other kind of threats involved.

SQL Injections

As the name suggests, this security concern is performed by inserting harmful code to SQL statements. It is generally performed using either URL (using variables) or other user input forms.

The appended harmful code basically comments WHERE clause conditions of SQL statements. This malicious code can also perform any of the following:-

– update or delete the data in the database

– insert a fixed state condition (like one that is always TRUE)

Such attacks are generally performed to acquire unauthorized access to your web application.

Different PHP Functions that come handy while Fighting back against Security Threats:

Whenever you hire a PHP developer to build your web application it is of utmost importance to keep the application well-guarded from any of the above-mentioned security threat.

For your reference, below I am listing some security functions available in PHP language. Let’s have a look!

1. strip_tags PHP functions

PHP language offers you strip_tags() function to remove tags like XML, HTML from a string. This PHP function is binary-safe.

Developers use this PHP function to remove tags like <script> & </script> from the input data.

This function is quite useful while protecting your application from XSS attacks.

2. Message Digest 5 and Secure Hash Algorithm 1 of PHP

Message Digest 5 & Secure Hash Algorithm 1, both are used for strings encryption. Once you encrypt a string with these PHP functions, it is hard to decrypt it.

These security functions are useful for storing passwords in the website database. In this approach, if a hacker will make it enter your application, then also he won’t be able to decode your passwords to login.

3. filter_var PHP functions

To validate and sanitize website data, PHP offers filter_var functions. If the data is accurate, validation is checked. Whereas sanitization will remove illegal characters from strings.

As you can see above-mentioned PHP functions, if, during developing your web application, you follow the best & secure coding practice while utilizing these security functions, you can definitely cut down the risks to security threats.


With the increasing dependence of users on digital platforms, it has become vital for retail vendors to offer secured web solutions. It doesn’t only gain users’ trust but also adds to your business revenues.

Therefore, it is important to consider different security practices to not leave any loophole. The PHP security functions mentioned in this article are really useful if you practice them wholeheartedly.

At last, I am hopeful that you find this article informative in regards to your PHP web security concerns. For any kind of queries or concerns, you can write back to me. I would be grateful to provide you with assistance.

PHP Security Functions- Different Approaches to Tighten Website Security

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