Photoshop Tips for Beginners
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Photoshop Tips for Beginners

Photoshop is imperative to any photographer or graphic designer, but these professions are not the only ones that can put this influential software to good use. For the creative professional, who may include freelancers, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, even business owners, it helps to have even just a working knowledge of how to use Photoshop. The use of Photoshop can make a huge impact on your business if used correctly. For this reason, New Horizons created a slideshow on 7 Photoshop must-knows for beginners. You can view the slideshow below.

7 Photoshop Must-Knows For Beginners created by New Horizons Learning Solutions

7 Photoshop Must-Knows For Beginners

How To: Use Layers Straighten a Picture Create an Adjustment Layer Remove Spots and Blemishes Remove Red-Eye Effect Isolate an Object Apply an Effect to an Object or Text What We’ll Cover

Here are the basics:

  • Use Layers
    • Open the layers panel (Window, Layers).
    • Create a new layer by clicking on the layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel (it looks like a square with a page turned up).
    • Delete a layer by dragging it from the layers panel to the trashcan icon.
    • Create a layer group by clicking on the file folder icon. Drag the layers you want to include in the new group file.
    • To merge layers, select two or more layers, right-click, and select “merge layers.”
  • Use the ruler tool to straighten a crooked image.
    • Open the ruler tool (click and hold the eyedropper tool, and select the ruler tool from the menu that pops up).
    • Find a line in your picture that is tipped (such as an unlevel horizon line).
    • Click on one end of your line, then drag to the other end, click and release.
    • In the options bar above your image, find the “straighten” button and click.
  • Make risk-free adjustments to your photo’s appearance by creating an adjustment layer instead of editing the original layer directly.
    • Click the adjustment layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel (it looks like a circle that is half black and half white).
    • Choose the type of adjustment you want from the menu (for example, brightness/contrast), and adjust accordingly.
    • Turn the adjustment layer on and off by clicking the eye icon next to the adjustment layer in the layers panel.
  • Use the spot healing brush tool to magically erase unwanted specks and pimples.
    • Select the spot healing brush in the tools menu (it looks like a bandage).
    • In the options bar, set the brush diameter to slightly larger than the spot.
    • Click the spot, and watch it disappear.
  • That spooky redeye look is a major spoiler in flash photos. Fortunately, Photoshop has a solution!
    • Click on the spot healing brush tool and hold. Select the red-eye tool from the menu that pops up.
    • Adjust the pupil size and the amount of darkening needed in the options bar. The default setting (50 percent for each) works in most cases.
    • Use the red-eye tool to drag a box around the pupil, and release. Bye-bye, red eyes!
  • It’s often useful to separate an object from its background. Here are two ways to do it (these work best with high-contrast backgrounds):
    • For simple objects, use the magic wand tool. Simply click on the object to select it. Copy and paste to create a new layer containing a copy of the object, sans background.
    • For more complex objects, use the magnetic lasso tool. (Find it under the lasso tool on the tool menu.) Click anywhere on the object’s edge and drag/draw along the border to select. The selection line will automatically snap to the edge. Copy and paste to create a new layer.
  • Want to apply a drop shadow, glow or other effects to an object in Photoshop? It’s easy! Here’s how:
    • In the layers panel, select the layer containing the text or object you want to work on.
    • Click the effects icon (fx) at the bottom of the Layers panel.
    • Select the effect(s) you want and adjust accordingly.
    • Use discretion — it’s easy to go overboard with too many effects!

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Rocco Lungariello is a Marketing and Social Media Content Creator at New Horizons, the largest group of New Horizons training centers in America. He has been generating content surrounding the IT Industry for more than four years.

Photoshop Tips for Beginners

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