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Online shopping has seen immense growth as internet access has become more ubiquitous and practical. Australia is the 10th largest e-commerce market in the world. By 2021, studies show that the Australian e-commerce market will grow to $35.2 billion. With the spread of COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, online shopping may become the new norm in the unforeseeable future, and online stores like the Exclusive Trading Group are the only link between people and their needs.


Before, you would have to get dressed, hop in your car, and drive to the store. Once there, you walk through aisles and scout for things that you are looking for. You may even have to ask for help from the salespeople. Once you decide what you are buying, you go to the cashier, pay, load the items in your car, and drive home. It seems like a pile of work, especially if what you want is just a mattress or a fridge. Today, online department stores like the Exclusive Trading Group have streamlined the process. To get what you want, open the online store on your device, scroll through the items, add to the cart, put in the delivery address, pay, and wait. No more driving, walking and talking around.

Better Prices

You often find better prices online. Most stores even dedicate themselves to offering discounted prices. The prices at brick-and-mortar stores tend to be higher because running physical stores costs more than an online one. Overhead expenses such as rent, salaries, utilities, supplies, insurance, taxes, and more account for the same products’ higher prices.

Comparing prices and products is also easier when shopping online. You no longer have to dart from store to store to compare the prices of similar products. Just open a different tab on your browser. Some stores even offer discount coupons, especially during particular seasons.

If you have to make a purchase but do not have the full money with you at the moment, you opt to spread the payments over time. For example, Exclusive Trading Group offers Afterpay, which allows you to spread your payments across four installments for 60 days free of interest.


There is only so much that a physical store can hold. Besides the storage space, they also need space for the display, aesthetics, and design of their stores’ front-end. Online stores mostly need to worry about the storage space and can, therefore, hold more variety in the products they carry. A single online store can contain products that range from furniture to sports equipment. This shopping feature is super helpful if you have a diverse shopping list.

Variety also offers you more control. Some people may find themselves settling on a purchase because they could not find the exact thing they are looking for in one store. They may also be reluctant to use fuel, time, and effort going to other stores because they may also not find the exact product in those stores. Since physical travel is non-existent in online shopping, you have more opportunities to find exactly what you want.

With the health crisis today, staying at home has become imperative. Though, that should not deter you from buying what you need. Online stores have your back for your shopping needs.

Alice Carey
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Perks of Online Shopping

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