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PCI Compliance: A Faster and Better Way TO Checkout


An amazing platform that is favored by the modern entrepreneurs in today’s digital market is the Magento. The excellent features and tools provided by the Magento development services help the e-commerce vendors to take their business to a new height. The users are provided with the rich shopping experience through the user-friendly e-stores that can be built upon the Magento platform. The high-quality images, secure payment gateways, flexible and customizable open-source platform, SEO-friendly and fast integration with the current applications make it a great platform to work on.

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Nowadays, the organizations have started receiving notifications from their acquirers to submit the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance validation. The organizations are also been informed that there is three ways of penalties such as fees, termination of the card acceptance agreement and other forms of consequences associated with not providing this validation by a certain date to the acquirer.

The PCI compliance isn’t for those merchants who process store cardholder information or credit cards. The merchants are required to securely handle the information by the credit card associations every time. The merchants are required to safeguard their customers’ payment card information by the PCI compliance. It includes following security requirements consisting of policies, procedures, network architecture etc.

Two paths offered by the Magento platform to the Merchants

There are two ways in which the merchants are helped by the Magento development services. The first way for the help is the Magento Commerce (Cloud) which is PCI certified as the Level 1 solution provider. It means that any merchants using Magento Commerce are able to use Magento’s PCI Attestation of Compliance so that they can aid their own PCI certification process.

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The second way is that the PCI compliance is made easier by the Magento development services by offering payment gateways that are integrated with the platform. These payment gateways allow merchants to transmit credit card data securely via direct post API methods. Another offering is that of the hosted payment forms that are provided by the payment gateway which are also integrated with the checkout pages of the merchants.

The information will be sent directly to the payment gateway via the Direct Post method without storing the data on the Magento application server. The facility is being provided to the merchants to offer seamless checkouts and also to integrate the payment form into the checkout by the Hosted payment forms.

The form will be hosted by the payment gateway and not by the application server of Magento. In this way, the sensitive data will be kept outside of the Magento server and the Magento applications will receive updates for new marketing and content management capabilities without requiring to go through the PCI compliance re-assessment of the Magento platform.

Due to such integration options available in the Magento platform, the merchants are easily able to validate for compliance through self-assessment at the SAQ A-EP or SAQ A level instead of the very difficult SAQ D level.


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Identify the Level of the Credit Card

The merchants need to identify the level as defined by the credit card brand. The different credit card brands have their own different compliance program that focuses on the number of transactions for their own credit card. The confusion is being created by the credit card companies by differing their level definitions and also differing the compliance validation submission requirements.

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For example, MasterCard tags the merchants having up to 1 million transactions annually as the Level 3 merchants and Visa categorizes those merchants as the Level 4 merchants whereas American Express doesn’t have a Level 4 category. The problem is that each level has its own specific compliance validation requirements and the complexity grows with different credit card brands. You might be a Level 2 merchant according to American Express whereas Visa will categorize you as Level 4 merchant. If you have any doubt then it is better to contact your acquirer bank and ask them. The acquirer banks have the final decision over the merchants’ levels and so you must verify your every assumption with the bank.

What to submit for compliance validation?

Once the level is known, you now have to submit the required documents and complete the process to the acquirer bank for showing the compliance validation. Once you meet the requirements of the card brand, then now you need to determine which SAQ is the most appropriate for the organization. There might arise a need to approach the ASV (Authorized Scanning Vendors ) for performing the quarterly external scans.

There are five types of SAQs ranging from A to D.The factors that affect the version depending on whether you are using your own system for processing the payment and to store cardholder data. It must be kept in mind that the acquirer might change the requirements at any time so it would be good for us to check each and every detail before beginning the work.

Thus, this was a brief overview of the PCI compliance which can lead to a more secure and faster way to check out on the Magento platform.

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PCI Compliance: A Faster and Better Way TO Checkout


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