PayDo Review & Product Details

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PayDo Review & Product Details

How does Paydo work? You receive a European IBAN and can make payments in euros or pounds sterling to both individuals and legal entities. You can open accounts and manage your home accounts online remotely using just your smartphone. Whether for business or personal, SEPA, SWIFT, and TARGET2 support you in sending and receiving payments.

PayDo Review & Product Details

With a PayDo account, you can easily manage your funds. As you get a digital wallet, you can also store, send and receive funds and transfer money within your account remotely, without reference to the bank’s business hours. So open a bank account online and make a profit with PayDo now.

What is Paydo?

What is Paydo?
What is Paydo?

IBAN PayDo is an alternative to traditional bank accounts. Customers are offered a digital approach to all banking transactions, which also improves the efficiency of the business. You can easily manage your account remotely from home or anywhere worldwide and enjoy the benefits of a European bank account. Moreover, there is no need to create a separate European legal entity for this.

In addition, among other benefits, a European trading account is provided for your business. PayDo also supports international acquisition. And if something goes wrong, you can always contact the support service, which will immediately answer all your questions and correct any errors. Also, below you can learn more about the benefits of PayDo. So don’t ask yourself if PayDo is safe – try it.

In the absence of a supported currency, a smart algorithm is applied to convert the payment amount into a currency that can be handled. Although the conversion is done at the rate of the issuing bank, you don’t have to worry, as obtaining an IBAN with PayDo is stress-free. As soon as you are asked to verify your bank account, you can apply immediately. Then fill out a short form with information about your business or company (it all depends on the type of account you open). You must also specify the location of your major stakeholders (incoming or outgoing money transfers).

Is PayDo Legit?

Please be aware that PayDo, as an authorized EMI, adheres to rules and guidelines set by our regulators, mainly the FCA and European and Global legislation. Hence, please be aware that there is a list of countries that PayDo does not do business with. You can view this list on the PayDo website. Unfortunately, customers and businesses in these countries are not eligible to use the payment system. The list applies:

  • To countries that are subject to sanctions, embargoes, or similar measures imposed by the United Nations or the Commission against Money Laundering;

  • In countries where, according to sources, there are no laws or regulations in place to prevent money laundering or financing terrorism;

  • In countries with high levels of corruption or other illegal activities;

  • In countries where complex or specific legal or tax systems impose administrative and economic burdens on residents.

The service is protected by PCI DSS, which means that PayDo is secure and safe. All accounts are also protected by 3D-secure financial technology. This advanced fraud prevention solution allows users of each platform to be confident that their card data is fully protected. In addition, PayDo has its department for risk and monitoring financial transactions. This department is staffed by experts who ensure there are no suspicious transactions and fixes any problems.

If you are looking for an alternative to a standard bank account, business online banking PayDo is the perfect choice for any company or individual. This comprehensive solution allows you to send and receive SWIFT/SEPA money transfers, easily top up your account, and make payments online. In addition, you can also make P2P payments and exchange money within your account at any time of the day.

PayDo Review: Virtual Banking

Customers of PayDo services can make payments in more than 170 countries worldwide. PayDo Wallet is already available to over 2,500 online merchants. Open a European bank account online and start using TARGET2 or SEPA/SWIFT to put money into your e-wallet to shop in any European country and manage your funds and transactions online within one account at any time of the day or night.

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