Optimized Images Means More Conversions

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As 2020 saw many people shop online for the first time, brands have been trying various ways to bring the in-store experience online. Initiatives such as sending products to consumers with a robust return policy, aiding product discovery with recommendations, and personalizing and localizing every step of a buyer’s journey have become common with most eCommerce stores.

With these new methods being implemented, it’s important to remember that basic assets such as product images and descriptions still matter hugely. In fact, effective imagery and detailed descriptions are still one of the best ways to convert consumers online – 51% of online shoppers in the US need at least three photos before making a decision, and “ample information about products” was named as a top contributing factor to a positive customer experience.

Images particularly, especially when properly optimized, are even more important than just highlighting what a product looks like. On average, images make up 75% of a webpage’s weight! This means that using large image files can negatively impact your website and/or page speed, which is a huge turn-off for customers – a quarter of website visitors would abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load.

As well as website performance, images are becoming an increasingly important factor for higher search engine rankings. Optimizing images for SEO – including properly formatting image titles, adding alt text – helps a search engine understand the intent and context of an image and, therefore, the page it’s on. This helps Google match a search query to an appropriate page.

Website Builder Expert has created a new infographic about image optimization and compression for more information, featuring statistics and actionable advice.

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Optimized Images Means More Conversions

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