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Optimize Your Email Marketing

The Lost Art of the Newsletter: Why it’s More Essential than ever for Businesses to Optimize their Email Marketing

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and while many approaches have come and gone throughout the years, email has remained a constant presence for businesses – and good reason. 

There aren’t many other marketing channels that can consistently and effectively reach customers and clients in such a resonant way as newsletters and regular email content.


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As the chart above shows, many B2B businesses and customer-facing firms treat newsletters as an essential form of marketing – with as much as 87% of businesses relying on email as one of their primary distribution channels. 

Although email can feel a little dated compared to social media marketing channels like TikTok, as much as 81% of B2B marketers, have suggested that email newsletters are their most commonly used form of marketing. 

While newsletters are excellent for customer-facing businesses, they can be particularly useful for B2B companies because their target audience typically attends to their email accounts throughout the day. 

Newsletters are excellent for nurturing leads and retaining customers. This is because those who actively subscribe to your email newsletter are likely to be already interested to an extent in your products or services. This makes them more likely to engage with your newsletter than other channels populated with less familiar audiences. 

Although the technology around us is continually evolving, it’s clear that email newsletters are going nowhere fast – for both B2C and B2B firms. In addition, there are a few more effective ways for businesses to build trust and value with their leads. 

Boost Awareness and Build your Database

By circulating newsletters, you can build a more comprehensive picture of your organization and boost awareness of your business. While running ads can offer a snippet of information about a company, it’s hard for customers and clients to see between the taglines. In a newsletter, you have the freedom to be as comprehensive as you want with the information you share – potentially paving the way for valuable insight into your company culture, values, and ethics. 

Furthermore, newsletters are a great form of database building in the age of GDPR and PDPA. This email communication is an appealing way for customers to consent to hand over their email address in return for a newsletter that promises to be packed with enough information to make the transaction worthwhile. 

The Key to Relationship Building

Another key perk of newsletters is their power to build relationships with your clients and customers. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B endeavor, by delivering weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates, it’s possible to stand out from your competitors and maximize your marketing efforts. 

This familiarity can manifest in greater relationships and trust between your business and your customer base. But how can you build a newsletter that continually engages and entertains your customers cost-effectively and sustainably? The answer may lie in dedicated template platforms like Powered Template.

Building Eye-Catching Newsletters

Powered Template is a platform that features pre-designed templates for many purposes surrounding presentations, business materials, infographics, web development, and images. 

With a wide array of free and premium templates available for download, the resource can be an extremely cost-effective tool for small businesses and startups alike to build effective marketing campaigns for less. 

Building Eye-Catching Newsletters
Building Eye-Catching Newsletters

As we can see from the intuitive filter system offered by Powered Template, there’s a selection of 2,384 newsletter templates available on the site at the time of writing – but additions are made frequently. 

One great feature of Powered Template is the ability to look at matching design sets offered on-site to create a comprehensive brand identity matching your favorite design. However, all downloads are 100% editable and customizable, so nothing stops you from molding each template fully into your company’s image. 

Powered template
Powered template

As we can see from the image above, our chosen slide is available as a free download. This can be actioned provided that the user visibly adds attribution to the Powered Template on the content they use. 

Although the marketing world is evolving at pace, there’s always room for email marketing and newsletters – and with the help of platforms, the process can be far more cost-effective and impactful than you could’ve ever imagined.

Optimize Your Email Marketing

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