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Online Tools Every Developer Should Use

These Online Tools Every Developer Should Use for Any Website Technical Analyzing

We have made a lot of progress in web development, in just a few years’ time. With this improvement, we are able to tie together the power of highly tested libraries, enhance the workflow, and take advantage of responsive designing.

With the frequent updating of version control systems, we are able to build more tools that help us with website technical analysis.  Following is a list of some front-end online tools that every developer should use for website technical analysis. This list will help you determine the best browser plugins, code validators, to image optimizers. Enjoy reading this collection of tools and organize your work, along with making it entertaining.

Online Tools Every Developer Should Use

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Image uploading can sometimes cause time delays, and nobody likes it. For this reason, you should be installing this online website technical tool to optimize your image without affecting its quality. It also offers you an option of modifying settings.

ImageOptim removes all the metadata such as GPS Position, Camera model number, serial number, etc. to remove any concern.


Avail free design resources such as UI Kits, icons, PSD samples at a very good quality. The best thing about GraphicBurger is that it is payment free for any moneymaking use.

We want to back this up with a simple example. If you are a proud owner of a growing travel aggregator, you can use any sample PSD from GraphicBurger and promote flight comparisons and cheap flights anywhere, without the fear of any copyrights. Without this wonderful application, you will need to develop PSDs yourself.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a trivial, fast and highly changeable tool, which has a vast library of plugins. It manages its library with the help of an energetic and dynamic community. Even though it is free of cost for some time, you will need to pay for a continued use.

But the plugins are all free to use. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Compass for opening SASS files
  • SublimeLint
  • Package Control
  • Git Gutter

Embed Responsively

The creator of this useful tool believes that just like every important thing, you should also insert and embed responsively.  It provides CSS with an insertion code from a website such as YouTube, Instagram, and Google Maps. With this tools, your mobile users will be grateful, as it provides the ease of use.


The Tape is a Google Chrome plugin. It allows you to setup guidelines one a website, which makes it easier to develop or design anything. It basically makes your work easier, and more productive. It also permits you to measure the size of elements.

Snazzy Maps

Snazzy Maps is just another plugin, which you can use to make your Google maps look good on a website. There are different styles to choose from, each offering a detailed customization. Create your desired website and customize it to the fullest with plugins and tools like Snazzy Maps.

One Tab

One Tab is a browser plugin which is available in Google Chrome and Firefox. It helps you to move around multiple projects with saving your memory. It combines all the tabs you are working on, in a tiny window which can be accessed at any time in the future. Use this plugin and we guarantee you your computer will work much faster.


A powerful wireframing tool, it allows the developer to pay utmost attention to the user experience without disruption in the design. You can shift between the design layouts and use inbuilt user interface elements and design outlines for mobile applications and web development. This tool can also be used to generate header and footer on multiple pages. One of the most admired characteristics of this told is ‘comment mode’. It enables the developer and client to leave feedback or queries on particular pages in the preview mode of the wireframes.

Google Web Fonts

With this tool made by Google, developers have hundreds of open-source fonts to choose from when designing their layouts, posting content of naming their pages. They are easy to install, insert and implement and are a product of Google’s UX refurbishment. But when choosing fonts, you need to be careful which design will suit the best on your website, and too many fonts can negatively affect your website looks, so choose wisely. You can also take any help from an expert in this matter.


One of the most important front-end language designed for the developers, jQuery is a small, fast and cross-platform JavaScript library.

Although it has long been known to show discrepancies in its functionalities, jQuery allows a development platform on the greater scope for making plugins, animations, and even small documents.

With continuous development, it has solved most of its irregularities and today, it is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of developers. Enhance your website development with this tool and enjoy its features.

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Online Tools Every Developer Should Use

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