Online Store on WordPress in 2022: Pros and Cons
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Online Store on WordPress in 2022: Pros and Cons

You may have heard about WordPress, and it’s a very popular site builder platform. However, unlike other platforms, WordPress is 100% free. WordPress started as a blogging platform in 2003 and has been evolving ever since to remain relevant in the current times.

WordPress has now become an application development framework and content management system. The WordPress user interface has evolved and transformed over the years. With WordPress, you can quickly build any website.  

As you read, you’re probably wondering if building your following website with WordPress is a good idea. We have put together some pros and cons of using it to help you decide. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a very popular site-building platform used by over 43% of all websites on the internet. Meaning that WordPress powers millions of websites worldwide. WordPress is beneficial when building an eCommerce website because of the premade themes for online stores. The plugins also add complete eCommerce functions to your site, including shopping cart, product display, and checkout. These are the perfect features for building an online store. 

You could quickly build a website yourself or get an IT specialist to do it with WordPress but constantly updating your website can get tiring. That’s where WordPress website care plans come in to help manage your website. 

WordPress is open-source software; in simple terms, it is free, and anyone can use it by just downloading it and installing it. You can use this software for any purpose, and no one will suspend your website. Furthermore, you can customize WordPress to suit your needs as a user. All you have to do is register a domain name and web hosting.  

The site comes highly recommended because it gives full access to all the software features. Below we will outline some pros and cons of using WordPress. 

Pros of Using WordPress

  • You can customize it in terms of functionalities, design, and features. With WordPress, you get full access codes to customize premade themes and designs. WordPress comes with a variety of premade themes and designs for your online store.
  • You can control your hosting needs to grow your website. For example, you can pick your hosting partner. 
  • You can incorporate third-party tools to create the website you want. For example, if you’re going to add any devices to your website and they aren’t on WordPress, you can install a third-party provided tool and software with code snippets or plugins. 
  • As open-source software, you can benefit from extra knowledge from a large community of users and developers. 

Cons of Using WordPress

  • You need technical knowledge to set up and manage your hosting. When You use WordPress, you do your hosting because it’s a self-hosted platform. 
  • You must have coding knowledge to do your customizations for your website design. 
  • Since WordPress is open-source software, it means that no one owns it. So if you have a problem, there is no customer service to contact, you probably have to troubleshoot issues with the online community for advice or find a developer. 
Online Store on WordPress
Online Store on WordPress


WordPress has remained relevant and upgraded its technologies over the years. As open-source software, it has served many web designers well, and it remains a great website-building tool that you can use in 2022.  

Online Store on WordPress in 2022: Pros and Cons

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