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When it comes to Promoting a business online, every business no matter the sector is looking for a boost on this platform. The perks of internet marketing are unlimited and a blessing in plain sight, enabling one to run their business beyond the fixed working hours without having to worry about the extra expenses that drag along. Online shopping of either product or services is at the same time convenient for customers as they can choose when to browse through the store and when to place an order, all according to their comfort. Apart from this, marketing on the internet helps bridge the gap of distance and sell/buy goods from any part of the country, thus widening the pool of target. What’s amusing is the fact that online promotion along with several benefits costs lesser than marketing through a physical retail outlet as the inventory costs are low and stock can be ordered in line with the demand. Needless to say, the internet also provides a golden opportunity to build customer relationship and maintain retention level. Listed below are the ever-growing social media platforms that can be used to every business owner’s advantage.


Did you know that Facebook, the American online social media was initially limited to the usage of students of Harvard, Columbia, Yale, and Stanford? The membership was eventually expanded to the remaining ivy league schools and other educational institutes down this hierarchical network. Ever since Facebook has rapidly been growing with huge a huge number of signups crossing the 2 billion user mark in the year 2017. With such large number of individuals registered on one platform, using it almost every day to connect with loved ones and discover new things, marketing on Facebook adventitiously helps a business establish a presence and connect with this large pool of users organically. Leveraging this platform with paid advertising allows marketers to choose their target demographic, including their interests, language is spoken, age and location. The ROI produced by Facebook is extremely high. Stated clearly – it is totally worth every effort.


Pinterest, growing over 4000% in the last 6 months, allows its users to share and organize images and videos from the world wide web. Every person is enticed by attractive photos. The images that are uploaded by users are called ‘pins’ that can be pinned, which is equivalent to a like on Facebook and can be followed by other users. Pinterest is an easy inspiration source for a wide range of topics and therefore every business, either small or major, use Pinterest for promoting its content. The idea is focused on introducing products/ services to new eyes in order to widen the exposure. The audience sharing and saving a pin is proportionate to the attention a product receives, thus promoting it with ease. The simplicity of this framework does not fit clear of marketing strategies, however, there are various ways that you can utilize this growing social network to advance your business.


With one person creating a login on LinkedIn every second, this platform can be an amazing way to market your business for various reasons including:

  • 65 million business professionals from around the globe are active on LinkedIn.
  • On average, a LinkedIn member earns an average annual income of $109,000.
  • Almost 50% of the members on LinkedIn have authority in decision-making for their respected companies.

Setting up a profile is free and Like the other forms of marketing on the internet, promotion of a small business wanting to flourish through mentorship, networking, and referrals on LinkedIn is economical, affordable and effective. Either way, the more time and effort that one invests, the greater is the reward that is reaped.


If you are constantly on the move to get your services or products known to more people and enlarge a strong following of customers relating to the brand, Instagram is the answer to all your prayers. You not only can achieve your target through Instagram but also get paid to do so! There are over 1 billion million monthly users of this magical platform.

Instagrammers are shopaholics who rely on social media for reference and the right image even without a sales pitch can help convert them to confident and permanent customers. Instagram works to grow the intangible marketing aspects such as brand equity, buyer loyalty, and lifetime user utility. Very soon, it won’t be you approaching the customers but the other way around.

Google Business

Launched in 2014, Google Business is an online service operated by Google, dedicated to the owners of businesses to help gain control of the search results displayed when a business is searched for. Google permits owners to verify their business data by either claiming an existing profile of generating a new one. The listing of Google My Business appears in the section of Google maps and the local pack for the qualified search queries.


Twitter is a powerful platform to aid the online growth of your business and increase its reach. On average, a twitter user is following five businesses and 80% of them have referred a brand in their tweets. This platform is a place for not only growing customers but also for meeting new customers exactly where they are. You can also gather information about the strategy of your competitors and figure out ways to revamp your own. Remember, building a loyal and interactive audience may be time-consuming, but twitter is a worthy source of creating awareness for your business.


Youtube the famous source of entertainment can be accessed in 76 different languages and has over a billion users. As a matter of fact, one-third of the total time spent online is used for watching videos. Consequently, Youtube has turned out to be an essential tool for promotion. As the internet’s second-largest search engine, your brand awareness is sure to get a boost through this platform. Marketing through Youtube can initially be intimidating but it actually makes it easier to digest and share content.



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