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Online Communication for Marketing Productivity

Revolution of Online Communication for Marketing Productivity

Can you remember how hard it was before the online revolution? We recall it very well when music, books, films or any other files couldn’t be acquired by downloading them online. Similarly, no files could be sent to their recipients through the online platform and in order to apply for a job, you had to take your resume to the desired workplace. Probably, you already know some of the advantages that the revolution of online communications brought to our world. Nonetheless, you may not have comprehensive insight into all of the opportunities that “Sir Web Technologies” brought into life by winning and making a turnaround. Due to the revolution of online communications, marketing split into two categories – the one before the online revolution came to be referred to as traditional marketing and the other one was referred to as network marketing. The latter also became an indispensable part of any business. This means that whether you own a well-established business or you are a newbie in your industry, you should consider network marketing techniques in order to increase your marketing productivity. Let’s discuss the advantages that the network marketing techniques bring about and give some useful recommendations to business people so that they apply flexible techniques to increase their online work productivity.

 Online Communication for Marketing Productivity        

Firstly, the use of online communication strategies creates new chances for the population to find jobs, to establish businesses, as well as to develop the existing ones. Namely, getting in touch with entrepreneurs from all around the globe has never been so easy. With this in mind, working from home by registering on freelancing websites or creating business pages on social networks has become a challenging opportunity. In addition, people all around the world start businesses with making an online product and launching a website the following promotion of which, in its turn, helps increase the sales. Also, some businesses selling physical products online can reach out and sell their goods to customers worldwide by providing free or paid shipping services. In order to reach out to a larger audience, some well-established businesses also incorporate network marketing techniques with the “classical” ones. Surely, this is a brilliant opportunity for large businesses to grow even faster.  So, in case you wish to make a product and promote it to get clients worldwide, this is already quite real. Due to these advantages, you can start working in different industries and try to leverage your skills and knowledge to make a useful product or provide services to get income from your hard work.

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Secondly, in order to get new customers, some business owners send their employers to land-based stores where they make offers by presenting their products. With the advance of modern communication platforms, making offers to local or international customers has become faster, easier and cheaper with the application of flexible email marketing techniques. Thus, instead of spending much time and resources to reach out to a large number of local stores, it’s incomparably more productive to send email messages to various companies – both locally and internationally by making mutually beneficial agreements. To open up new horizons by getting more customers, you can also engage in the social media promotion activities to increase awareness of your services or your product. In addition, in order to make an advertisement, you don’t have to get your employers to visit stores to present your services or your product. Instead, you can place a popup window on your webpage and the flexible functionalities of the latter will help you to make any offer you like.

By the way, this type of ads is widely applied by e-commerce websites. These ads serve as the online analogs of traditional advertising when a company representative stands at a supermarket and presents a sale of some product. Thus, it’s significantly more convenient to benefit popup functionalities instead of going through the hassle of finding an appropriate employee having the necessary communication skills and the ability to successfully promote the product. At the same time, these employees shouldn’t make any mistakes in the process of describing product advantages. By the way, you will also need to hire a secret buyer so that you can see how your employer manages to represent the product features. In some cases, employees authorized for representing a product at a supermarket make rude mistakes ruining your advertising campaigns. So, whether you want to make use of sophisticated online technologies with a further opportunity to analyze their performance or wish to increase the human factor in publicizing your products, both variants are available. So which one you choose or do you choose to include both?

So, it’s well-known that business people all around the world try to get as many new customers as possible. But another task is to get a new customer, another task is maintaining the existing ones. In order to maintain your customers, you should provide high-quality products or services, exquisite customer support services, as well as network marketing operations. Especially great is the impact of online communications for the productivity of customer support services. More specifically, applying successful customer support strategies both on your website, on your company’s social pages and while running email marketing campaigns will keep your customers more engaged and save much time for your agents to concentrate on more difficult tasks.

  • Availing of live chat services
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This feature is widely used by many websites and is the online analog of the “How can we help you?” at “classical” brick and mortar stores. Thus, when you enter an online store, a small window appears on the right bottom of the page and an agent is waiting at the other side of the screen to answer any questions you may have about their services or their product. Moreover, the web has developed further and nowadays even special bots have been created to handle easier tasks so that agents can concentrate on more difficult and problematic ones.

  • Including autoresponders on all of the possible platforms

By including autoresponders online you benefit in two ways. More specifically, autoresponders help you to maintain the high response rate on the social platforms and keeps your customers engaged by providing additional info as to when you will be available to respond to their emails. This strategy is really very useful and what’s more, it is more practical as compared to the autoresponder utilized on the phone. Thus, when someone calls you on the phone and an autoresponder replies, the people calling are more likely to put down the phone without saying anything. So, this means that you can’t find out the purpose of the call. But when an email message gets into your inbox, an autoresponder gets back to the addresser letting them know the time when you will be available. This is a very convenient option as you can see what’s inside the message thus getting to know the purpose of getting in touch with you.

  • Providing detailed contact information

Adding a special section for providing contact information, namely, email address, phone numbers, and other info is crucially important for any business website. In addition to this, some individuals and companies use a “classical” marketing strategy by giving their business cards to their visitants. On the online platform, an analogous strategy is using a contact form popup – a small and compact window appearing on the screen and creating an opportunity for website visitors to get in touch with the website owners. Thus, besides having a “Contact us” section on your website, you can also place a contact form popup on one of your pages in order to create an incentive for your site visitors to connect with you. Also, this can be a unique approach which will help you stand out among the other site owners.

  • Including “Frequently asked questions” section
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To ease your customer support agents’ work so that they can concentrate on solving more complicated and problematic issues, consider adding “Frequently asked questions (FAQ)” section on your website. This way, by answering many questions right on your website you will avoid receiving countless emails from your customers asking to resolve their problems. This will increase your overall work productivity and let you concentrate on solving more important issues.

In conclusion

To sum up, it doesn’t matter whether you are a startup business or a well-established one, you need to evaluate the advantages of online communications for the productivity of your business undertakings. You should be flexible enough so that to incorporate the “classical” marketing strategies with the online techniques. If your product or service is not a physical one, the main accent should be put on the application of network marketing techniques, instead of the “classical” ones. Either way, network marketing is a brilliant opportunity for selling both physical and online products and services to reach out to a large audience, to be available out of business hours, to work productively with the international market being active on various platforms. Or else, if you haven’t established a business yet and are just an individual looking for a job, freelance websites create real professional job opportunities just for you. So, let’s abandon conservatism and be open to meet the new challenges.

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Online Communication for Marketing Productivity

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