Online Businesses Should Leverage Video Marketing On Social Media

Video marketing isn’t what it was years ago. However, video marketing has become more serious and useful in the last couple of years, especially for businesses and brands that have already managed to build an audience.

Many small businesses use video marketing to rise to the top of the competition and achieve their goals. Moreover, it has wholly dominated society.

According to a report, four out of six of the top channels consumers watch online are social channels. A Facebook executive predicted that the social media giant would be mostly video in less than five years.

Online Businesses Should Leverage Video Marketing On Social Media

That’s why, in this post, we’ll discuss the importance of leveraging your video marketing strategy:

Consumers spend their time mostly on videos

Do you know approximately 82% of Twitter users spend their time watching video content on the platform? Moreover, a staggering 500 million hours of videos are being viewed on YouTube daily.

So, with more and more people watching different video content on social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, it generates a strong engagement among target audiences. Most people today like to consume visually appealing and compelling content.

Being visual isn’t limited to pictures and photographs anymore. Video content is gradually becoming a significant part of the “visual content” movement.

Videos can increase brand awareness.

According to data by Hubspot, approximately 80% remember a video they watched a month ago. Therefore, one of the biggest strengths of video marketing is that it’s highly visual and auditory. Meaning most users remember it more as compared to text-based content.

So, when people tend to remember your video content, they also recognize your brand. In turn, this translates to more leads and sales.

Most consumers share videos they enjoy, which expands your online reach. However, these must align with your current brand strategy to ensure that your videos become memorable. So keep all logos, colors, fonts, and brand voice consistent as they are in your articles and blogs.

Videos can do things regular texts can’t ‒ you must recognize the format and style of your brand videos online.

Videos can boost sales.

Videos can help you gain serious bucks. If you come to think of it, the usefulness of videos is not that surprising because our vision is our most dominant sense. Most of the information translated into our brains is purely visual. So, if images alone can massively boost engagement, how much more with video content?

Videos can lead directly to sales. According to data, 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product eventually bought it afterward. So now is the time to get creative by crafting exciting videos!

Your website conversions will improve.

The conversion rate is a crucial metric when running an online marketing campaign. If you’re not converting your prospects into leads and those leads into customers, then your business won’t grow.

If you leverage your video content marketing strategy, you’ll persuade more people to sign up for your email list or check out your latest products and services.

Compared to other types of video content, videos can provide your prospects with much-needed clarity to ultimately make a final decision. Moreover, doing so gives you an edge over competitors since a quality video isn’t as easy to produce.

Just adding a product video to your landing page helps boost your conversions. Moreover, 71% of marketers found that video content is more conversion-friendly. So, if executed correctly, you’ll get better results with minimal effort.

Tell your brand’s story through videos.

You must understand what makes videos so popular. At the same time, there are numerous reasons; the most significant is that videos let you tell stories. Storytelling through video allows you to make a connection with your target audience.

Stories can generate powerful impressions and long-lasting relationships. Videos help people understand your business more. It also creates a ground for future promotions, helping you spread your ideas through meaningful experiences.

Through videos, you can continuously experiment and touch with the emotional side of your followers. Using visuals, motions, and sounds, you’re developing a deep and meaningful connection with others, positioning your brand in the best possible way.

Build trust with videos.

Trust is the very foundation of conversions and sales. The entire concept of content marketing is about creating trust and building lasting relationships. So instead of selling, let people come to you by giving them interesting and useful information.

Moreover, many customers are still skeptical about buying online products and services because some fear cheating and fraud.

Creating good marketing videos presents your products and services more conversationally. As a result, it creates a more individualistic approach, giving consumers more confidence to buy online.

Appeals more with mobile users

Today, video and mobile will always go hand in hand. A majority of online consumers watch videos on their smartphones. Youtube even reports that the rate of mobile consumption rises to 100% every year.

The number of smartphone users is growing, so your video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger. Google even explains that smartphone users are more likely to have a personal connection with brands that show video content or ads on their devices.

With the rapid growth of mobile video, you need to become sensitive to people’s personal experiences with their devices. For instance, you can give them a better choice of video content.

To Wrap It Up

Video marketing is one of the best approaches to boost your marketing strategy in social media. It’s an excellent way to create content that is personal and provides a real impact on your audience.

It’s also a unique way to drive emotion-driven sales so buyers feel good about their purchases.

About the Author – Kevin Urrutia founded Voy Media, a Facebook Ads Agency based in NYC. Kevin has helped businesses maximize their sales and conversions by unlocking the potential of Facebook Advertising. He crafts personalized solutions for each client, ensuring the best results are achieved effectively.

Online Businesses Should Leverage Video Marketing On Social Media

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