On-Demand Fulfilment with Gooten's Brian Rainey
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On-Demand Fulfilment with Gooten’s Brian Rainey

What happens to eCommerce after a year as this one has been? It is a safe bet that it will continue to grow as the pandemic lingers. But how many of the shifts we’ve seen in 2020 will create permanent changes? And what are brands planning after weathering this storm?

We recently had the chance to chat with Brian Rainey, CEO of gooten.com, to get some insights.

On-Demand Fulfilment

Rainey has led Gooten through three years of rapid growth, helping online stores manufacture and deliver products from T-shirts to pet supplies. Here are some trends he is seeing going into 2021:

  • Fast growth in customized and personalized products across industries.

  • Fashion and apparel brands will embrace on-demand manufacturing to limit inventory write-offs, reduce environmental waste,  and support consumers’ increased desire for made-to-order products.

  • More legacy businesses will dive deeper into eCommerce by connecting their customers to audiences with products tied to their brands, such as online stores for media brands.

  • On-demand manufacturing matures with a wider array of fabrics, materials, and design complexity.

  • More brands adopt a hybrid inventory model combining traditional manufacturing and on-demand.

  • Consumers’ increased interest in sustainability will lead to broader transparency in supply chains.

Gooten is a globally distributed production and logistics company transforming how online stores manufacture and fulfill merchandise to their consumers.

“We give businesses the tools to create products to sell online and manage orders across a multitude of stores and sales channels. Businesses powered by Gooten can source and identify new products and trends, run promotions, and track analytics on new and repeat purchasers while focusing business efforts on what drives revenues – creating, developing, and marketing brands and products. We’re used by thousands of businesses and have shipped over two million items to over 160 countries, and you may already own something we’ve made without knowing it!”

Find out if Gooten is right for you by answering a few easy questions.

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On-Demand Fulfilment with Gooten’s Brian Rainey

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