Omni Cloud Computing: Bright future ahead for Cloud Computing
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Omni Cloud Computing: Bright future ahead for Cloud Computing

Many say that the cloud computing market is all dried up and saturated. But do they realize that there are so many more dimensions into cloud computing to explore before coming up to any conclusion? Cloud computing is a pool of opportunities so before we it’s too late we have to gear up to utilize every single of its characteristic. While exploring the wide pool of cloud computing, developers have found the Omni-cloud computing feature.

Our real lives also now revolve around real-life solutions. We expect a lot from the internet services to solve all our day-to-day problems but we ignore the fact that putting all your eggs in the same basket has never been the optimum solution. Hence, businesses all around the world start shifting from multi-channel to Omni-channel customer experience. But why did this need occur in the first place? The answer to this is explained below.

How the need for Omni-cloud Grew?

When the multi-cloud hosting strategy was introduced in the market developers and business owners were all going gaga about the flexibility multi-cloud offered to their business. It came up with so many new opportunities and enabled so many enterprises in establishing an all-rounder model. They didn’t need to then adopt services from third-party to implement their plan. But the cost that incurs when to shift to a different vendor, this is termed as vendor lock-in. But with the advent of multi-channel, this tension of shifting to a new vendor declined. They were able to adapt to new strategies and industry revolutionized. Thus, a multi-cloud hosting helped in remodel zing the cost models. But were these benefits enough to meet the demands of the market? Many other challenges were not thought through.

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When services are provided by multiple providers, miss-management is something that is natural to happen. It is never possible that there are no attritions when numerous minds work together and major investment is made to smoothen the process. Every cloud hosting environment has its architecture and is built accordingly. Thus, real problems start to arise when all these architectures have to come together but the efficiency gets affected as and when this coordination loosens. Security is also one major concern that requires proper planning and is crucial for any business. One point of confusion can lead to extended problems and the probability of this thing to happen increases when there are so many service providers working at the same time without any doubt. This will affect the overall design, delivery, and output of any process that an organization may be known or specialized for. But already there were plenty of enterprises that had invested their money and time in adopting multi-cloud that it could have taken more than age to encounter it really unstated benefits. Therefore, researchers and developers all gave their clearance to generate an infrastructure that deals with the existing drawbacks of this multi-cloud technology.

What is Omni-cloud computing?

When most of the companies were withdrawing their services from multi-cloud, Omni-cloud computing proved to be the last resort. Already IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers were gaining popularity. But companies realized that they deserve faster-moving applications for a better future. Making applications more robust and portable was everyone’s priority. Omni-cloud computing brought all these qualities into the applications along with top-notch connectivity. This world-class connectivity allows multiple platforms to streamline their data and integrate them in the most efficient way possible.

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Hence, the best way to describe Omni-cloud is when barriers between the different platforms shrink then any multi-cloud converts into an Omni-cloud system. The data deployment system is more accessible and organized with the Omni-cloud system.

Advantages of Omni-cloud system-

Everyone says that Omni-cloud is more beneficial for any business but understanding reasons for the same will make more clarity. So let’s go through its advantages one by one-

  • Information is real-time– When the whole repository is stored in the cloud then information or data can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. This advantage of the Omni-cloud system finds most of its application in maintaining sales. As soon as there is any shortage in the inventory, the whole management and other related units are been notified to look out for the shortage in the repositories.
  • Analytics is the prime focus- Analysis becomes a thing to worry about when data is deployed at multiple places. Things can start going out of hands and can become time-intensive, if not taken seriously within the right time boundaries. Omni-cloud helps in running the online and warehouse synchronization all smooth. Maintaining these relations such smoothly is seen reflected in the sales as well.
  • Improved Security- Cloud environment has always been put or believed to be inside the bubble of insecurity for data. But like everything else this perception or confusion to put in better words, has been dealt with successfully. Omni-cloud systems incorporate high-standard and highly-invested firewalls and other security applications. They doubly ensure the security of your data as it understands that data is something that is one of the most interim assets of any organization.
  • Utmost scalability- E-commerce businesses have a user base of millions unlike plenty of those business sites. Also, anticipations when it comes to increasing traffic in terms of numbers or time are not that accurate. Thus, scalability is something that is mandatory for sites like these. To spend one time in the Omni-channel cloud system is a smarter way rather than spending again and again on additional servers and databases.
  • Economical and easy to use- Omni-channel cloud systems are easy to use as compared to other integrations. The operational costs are far lesser in an Omni-cloud system as most of the clients or customers prefer deploying their software and hardware. This costs saved can be further put down to use in some development processes.
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Retailers, developers, and companies have realized the benefits of Omni-cloud computing all across the world. But in the above-discussed advantages of Omni-cloud, one of the most important benefits was left out to wrap up with. Migration from an Omni-cloud is easy and thus gives you an option to switch your business to an Omni-cloud to experience all the advantages along with smooth migration.

Omni Cloud Computing: Bright future ahead for Cloud Computing

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