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Why This Coronavirus Pandemic Can Be Your Chance to Grow Your Online Business

  1. Can the Coronavirus Pandemic Be a Financial Blessing for Your Online Business?
  2. What Are Your Business’ Options?
  3. Benefits Brought by Professional SEO!

Can the Coronavirus Pandemic Be a Financial Blessing for Your Online Business?

The coronavirus pandemic is a disaster, and it has disastrous effects on human lives and the financial market. But a large part of online businesses can turn this disaster into an opportunity. Using online marketing methods like professional SEO, your business can use this opportunity to make big profits. Of course, if your company operates in one of the most affected industries, then you can at least diminish the losses through SEO services.

What you need to remember is that a primary business goal is to help others. Of course, profits are a big part of the equation as well. The more benefits your business makes, the more people will be able to help in the future. Thus, by finding a method to help as many people as possible through the crisis provoked by the coronavirus pandemic, you can also ensure big profits for your business.

If the pandemic continues to persist, then a financial crisis is inevitable. You need to know that the sales in all industries will drop and it will be tough to make a profit. You can do through the crisis to focus on acquiring a large number of potential customers and deepen your relationship with them, thus creating a follower base by using SEO services.

What Are Your Business’ Options?

The best way to create a follower base is through online marketing. If your online business is new, there are several methods that you can implement by yourself. Below you will find the four most known marketing methods, for which you can collaborate with professionals, and what potential each one of them has:

  • Facebook Ads. This is a prevalent method that helped many businesses to make a lot of money. But in a financial crisis, the cost of acquiring potential customers will rise enormously. Why? Because the majority of online businesses will compete for meager amounts of sales. In the end, this method may be too expensive for creating a follower base.
  • Google Ads. This is another paid method, a PPC (Pay Per Click), to be more exact. This method has the same problem as Facebook Ads. In general, all paid plans will create the same problem, an increase in costs.
  • Facebook page/group. This is a social media strategy that does not require any investments. But you will need to spend time and effort instead of hire professionals. It is an organic method based on content, and it has significant potential. Of course, there are problems as well. For example, your online marketing efforts will entirely depend on the Facebook platform. This is a significant risk that all social media platforms have.
  • Professional SEO. This is another organic method and the one that we suggest to all online business owners. The good part about this method is that it does not have a social media platform’s risks. The bad part is that the results will come a little slower than the paid methods. But, in the situation created by the coronavirus pandemic, the speed of this method has increased.

As you can see, we suggest that you use SEO services to safely go through a financial crisis by focusing on a follower base instead of making sales.  To explain the benefits of SEO, you need to understand that the amount of time spent online has increased massively. This happened mainly because of the restrictions placed by the governments. The one that had the most significant effects is the restriction of going out.

Benefits Brought by Professional SEO!

Benefits in the coronavirus pandemic situation

Professional SEO offers two main benefits in the present situation:

  • Speed. Due to the more significant number of people using the internet, all SEO strategies will produce results much faster than before. Of course, depending on the industry and the quality of the methods used, these effects may be harmful. This is why you need to make sure that the SEO agency that you choose is a good one.
  • Higher conversion. You need to understand that professional SEO is mainly based on content nowadays. Because of the more significant time spent indoors, many people will choose to use their time by reading and watching online content. So, if you focus on producing high-quality content for your SEO strategy, then your conversion rate will be much higher than trying to sell your products directly.

General benefits of SEO services

The comprehensive benefits offered by SEO are:

  • Long term. Professional SEO is a long-term method that has the goal of the progressively growing year after year. Although it can make a quick buck, such (black hat) methods are short-lived and unadvised. The best way s to focus on long-term goals.
  • Lower risk. As mentioned above, any other method than SEO is based on other platforms. All your past investments ( time, money, and effort) will be lost if the platform falls. On the other hand, SEO revolves around your website. The only situation you will lose all your marketing efforts is if you close the site yourself.

Author Bio:

Ph.D. Ion G. Tudorache is the co-founder of GAMIT SEO, an online marketing agency that offers professional SEO services. Our team has the required experts to help you safely pass a financial meltdown. The most important SEO services that we offer are SEO audit, personalized SEO strategies, and high-quality content creation.

Now is the Time to Grow Your Online Business

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