Now is the Perfect Time to Create an eSports Tournament Website

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Historically, Esports was considered a casual sport, but now it has become a professional platform where thousands of leagues and matches are played daily. A significant growth under the Esports industry has seen in this lockdown period because all the people are spending their time at home and love to play online games that is a strong reason behind Esports website development. This weekend is a perfect time to start setting up your business in the Esports industry.

2020 is the most expected year when you can reach your final destination by iGaming Software Development. In 2020, Shanghai World Cup Cancelled, EuroLeague Suspended, Moscow’s European Championship Cancelled, Indian Premier League Postponed, UAE Tour Cancelled, German Open Cancelled, Swiss Open About to be Happened in Basel Cancelled, Nippon Professional Baseball’s Regular Season Postponed, World Cup Finals to be held in Las Vegas Cancelled. All the things that are happening are proof that the physical presence of the games is ending. It is time to start an online sports business. Only these can help to survive in this situation of global crisis.

What is Esports?

ESports is an organized form of online gaming wherein thousands of sports, including PUBG, Poker, Fantasy Cricket, Fortnite, and other online games played by sports enthusiasts. Esports website offers a platform where users can get various games to play and win exciting cash prizes by winning the game.

Why 2020 Is A Perfect Time To Develop An Esports Website

In 2020, Coronavirus became a challenge for all the industries, most of the businesses go down day by day, and all the people are grappling with this worldwide pandemic. People from all age groups are playing online games at home. They utilize their time to play mobile games. In this situation, the Esports industry is catching speed and growing at a fast pace.

Here is a list of reasons that entices young entrepreneurs to develop their own ESports website:

Stiff Competition:

All gamers love competition in games, and they love to face more difficult challenges during games that encourage them to play games. Competition creates a will to win in the mind of the player.

Opportunity to Earn Money:

For playing every game, players pay a specific amount to the website owner that would be the source of the owner’s income. This is a golden opportunity to earn money by sitting at home.

Extensive User-Base:

Have you ever imagined that the league of legends alone had 150 million active members monthly in 2017? This data is sufficient to explain the user base at this platform. Players from different nations get to participate in Esports and play a variety of sports online.

Variety of Sports:

There are various sports available on a single platform, including Fortnite Tournament, FIFA 20, PUBG, League of Legend world championship, Dota-2, CSGO, Capcom Cup Call Of Duty World League, Overwatch League, Evolution Championship Series, Dragon Ball Fighters, etc.

All of the above reasons attract young entrepreneurs to develop Esports websites. Still, a question that can arise in every person’s mind is a trustworthy Esports Tournament Website Development Company? There is no doubt that various web development companies exist in the market that design exclusive Esports websites; in between all such companies, Mobiweb Technologies also offers comprehensive and Feature-rich Esports Website Development services to national and international clients that give high-class user experience.

Most Fascinating Esports Website Features That Should Be Present in A Website:

The right kind of website features added value to a sports website and builds substantial goodwill for the brand in the market.

  • White label Esports Solution: This solution is a type of esports website that allows full customization within a website by which you can add various leagues, tournaments, additional features for payment and security.
  • Tournament and Events: This feature allows users to add matches and leagues. This feature gives the power to add and eliminate the associations as per their need. Customization in websites helps to modify the elements and offer a user-centric platform.
  • Esports Tournament Management Platform: This feature enables the users to get updates regarding upcoming matches and events, so they did not miss any game to play. Timely notifications update players and alert them to perform the game.
  • Admin Panel and User Panel Features: Features like Sign-in/Sign-up screen, Spectate match, privacy policy, Users Profile, Player’s wallet screen, Contact us, etc., the features that facilitate both the parties to manage their works.
  • Social Media Interaction: Social Media interaction allows the players to share their sports experiences and suggestions with their family and friends. You can express your feelings and experience with others on social media platforms.

Final Thought:

At this time, people will start searching for a source of entertainment. They will leave other platforms slowly and will switch to gaming platforms. Thus, there is an excellent opportunity to put your leg into the Esports business. The present market situation is allowing attracting more crowds to this online platform. Therefore, This is a perfect time to put your efforts into the iGaming industry. Esports app development could become a boon for your startup in 2020.

I hope this read helps you understand the ESports industry and its value in the current scenario.

Author Bio:

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Now is the Perfect Time to Create an eSports Tournament Website

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