Now is not the time for limits EActíVate

‘A country of unstoppable’, the program that unveils stories related to sectors considered ‘essential’, which have remained active in Spain during the state of alarm decreed to stop COVID-19.

“La creatividad nace de la angustia. Quien supera la crisis se supera a sí mismo sin quedar superado”

Buscamos locos creadores de empresas, de empleo, de actividad y bienestar para todos.
Buscamos a esos locos que en los peores momentos son capaces de reinventarse y crear la mejor versión de sí mismos.
Buscamos creatividad, en forma de [email protected], de autónomos, de trabajadores o emprendedores.

Porque si hace unos meses decíamos #EstoNOtienequePARAR y logramos que la rueda de la economía no se detuviese, hoy decimos: #EActíVate, para generar Empleo, activar a Empresas y E[email protected], impulsar a Emprendedores y poner en valor a E[email protected]

Porque la actividad empresarial es el viento que hace avanzar un país, lanzamos  El punto de encuentro de las empresas que no solo no paran, sino que aceleran para salir reforzadas de esta crisis. Contamos contigo y con tu creatividad, porque de esta locura solo saldremos con una locura mayor: con el orgullo de ser [email protected]

EActíVate No es momento de ponernos límites.

“Creativity is born out of anguish. Whoever overcomes the crisis overcomes himself without being overcome.”

We are looking for crazy creators of companies, employment, activity, and well-being for all.
We are looking for those crazy people who, in the worst moments, can reinvent themselves and create the best version of themselves.
We seek Creativity, in the form of entrepreneurs, freelancers, workers, or entrepreneurs.

Because the business activity is the wind that moves a country forward, we launched The meeting point for companies that not only do not stop but also accelerate to emerge stronger from this crisis. We count on you and your Creativity because from this madness, and we will only come out with a greater madness: with the pride of being Entrepreneurs.

After the deliveries’ Acts of energy’ – focused on the energy sector – and ‘Connected’ – around the critical role that telecommunications have played in critical locations and to keep connected the millions of Spaniards locked up in their homes – this night is issued ‘Activated’, -that collects the experience with events of businessmen, workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs adhering to the initiative #EstoNOtienequePARAR, which emerged during the confinement to motivate economic activity and its reinvention in the new reality drawn by the coronavirus. Also, its evolution to #EActíVate, because it is not just about not stopping but also accelerating the economy.

Movistar highlights about the documentary that “in a moment of maximum alert, companies such as Iberdrola, Telefónica, Mercadona or Santander have ensured the most basic needs by offering financial peace of mind, bringing food and necessities to our shopping carts and ensuring the connection and energy to telework and survive.” Also that “the social commitment of these companies and their contribution of value to society are the best vehicles for brands to build values, position themselves in the top of mind of customers and generate loyalty.”

‘A country of unstoppable’ is an original production by Movistar + and Telefónica Broadcast Services (TBS) that is available on Movistar + from June 15 (at # 0 at 9:30 p.m. and on-demand).

In #EActíVate, we are already more than 4,500 businessmen, workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, supporting different initiatives to help restart the economy.

Now is not the time for limits EActíVate

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