NetworkON Review: AI-Powered Solution for Service and Delivery Management

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The world is currently shifting towards creating a more suitable eCommerce environment where companies of all sizes compete to get a sizable market share. Modern businesses understand that delivery management software empowers the logistics arm of their business and is the key to delivering an outstanding customer experience.

eCommerce is subject to new disruptions every day, and the conventional models are not an optimal solution anymore. As customer expectations continue to rise over time, delivery operations become a business’ top priority.

With options like same-day delivery, free delivery, and delivery rescheduling, the last mile delivery arm of a logistics business has become more complex. Therefore, businesses need to invest in delivery management software to streamline their delivery operations and scale them up by utilizing their resources optimally. 

Definition: Delivery management software (DMS)

A delivery management software (DMS) is a platform that automates and digitizes the logistics arm. The key functions of a DMS include:

  • Automatic Task/Job Assignment
  • Dispatching
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Route Optimization and Planning
  • Geofencing
  • Resource Management
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Fleet Visibility
  • Cost Reduction
  • ETA Generation
  • Last-Mile Delivery Optimization
  • Reporting and Analytics

 A DMS can empower the stakeholders involved in the logistics side of things with these functions and more. These include administrators/dispatchers, customers, and delivery agents. 

There are multiple DMS out there, but in this article, we will look at NetworkON – an AI-Powered solution for service and delivery management. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the capabilities that this robust platform has to offer. 

What is NetworkON?

NetworkON is a DMS that automates delivery operations, connects stakeholders on a common platform, and orchestrates technology that delivers innovative delivery solutions for customers and service providers.

This platform is created to deliver optimized customer experiences. It is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to have end-to-end visibility for their delivery tasks, reduces operational costs, enhances operational efficiency, and positively impacts the environment.

Industries That Can Leverage a Delivery Management Software

An intuitive DMS can be used for automated delivery management for almost every business that sells stuff online. However, personalization is key to molding the platform around the delivery arm of your business. 

NetworkON powers a wide range of industry use cases and automates the entire operational aspect of their deliveries. As a result, users can leverage the platform in a few easy steps and meet customers’ expectations every time with an efficient last-mile delivery operation. 

Some of the most notable use cases that can integrate NetworkON with their existing technology stacks include:

  • Grocery Delivery: Easily manage deliveries for multiple stores with a simplified application to manage all vendors easily
  • Food and Beverage: Manage logistics for restaurants and ensure timely delivery of products during peak hours
  • Pick-up and Drop: Automate job/task assignment and increase the efficiency of the delivery fleets 
  • CPG and Retail: Optimize last-mile deliveries with AI-powered route optimization and reduce operating costs substantially
  • Service and Maintenance: Track the orders in real-time, optimize order assignment and fulfill service and maintenance requests easily
  • Trucking: Utilize your resources optimally and track their movement using integrated GPS applications 
  • Taxi Booking: Automatically assign drivers to customers based on their geographical location and track the vehicle movements easily

How does NetworkON Works?

NetworkON offers a wide range of management options through different applications for administrators, customers, and delivery staff. 

Once on-board, users are directed to a central dashboard used to assign orders, manage incoming customer requests and track the movement of the delivery personnel. 

The administrator(s) can perform the following tasks using NetworkON’s dashboard:

  • Automatically assign tasks/orders to nearest agents to ensure timely delivery.
  • Gain complete visibility of their delivery fleet’s movement in the field
  • Create geofences to create exclusive operational areas for different agents 
  • Increase the operational efficiency of last-mile deliveries using route optimization
  • Assign and manage roles for different stakeholders in the logistics operations
  • Monitor real-time data and access historical information to improve operational efficiency

The delivery agents can use NetworkON’s resource application for the following:

  • Communicate easily with the customers via phone or texts
  • Reduce their driving time using optimized routes offered by NetworkON
  • Follow GPS-based navigation to reduce delivery time
  • Generate and collect digital proof of delivery that includes images, barcode scans, and signatures
  • Capture the customer’s information on bespoke templates created for specific use cases
  • Receive instant push notifications about any changes in a delivery task or new order assignment

NeworkON also offers the following features to the customers through the Customer App:

  • Real-time tracking of their orders
  • ETA for upcoming orders
  • Easy booking for use cases like taxi booking, pick and drop services, etc.
  • Delivery rescheduling
  • Submit delivery feedback
  • Receive push notifications about changes in delivery or bookings

The most interesting thing about NetworkON is that it is always free to use for life. Users can start using this tool in a few easy steps and upgrade to a premium version if required.

To know more about their Free Forever plan and other Premium Plans, click here.

Key Features of NetworkON Delivery Management System

  • Automatic Dispatch: It allows administrators to reduce service time and resource spend by breezing through job assignments using a hot-shot process. 
  • Route Optimization: It leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize routes based on location, the shortest distance to a destination, congestion control, and more. Moreover, any updates in the route are sent directly to the drivers in real-time. 
  • Fleet Visibility Management: It can be used from all smart devices and manage the fleet’s movement at all times. Users can also track idle time and detours during the delivery run and manage fuel consumption for the entire fleet.
  • Manage Roles: Not all stakeholders need access to every bit of information. You can assign specific roles to different stakeholders from a centralized dashboard, and administrators can get a bird’s eye view of the entire operation seamlessly. 
  • Performance Management and Analytics: Users can leverage NetworkON’s analytics to track the performance of delivery resources by getting access to their historical data. This information can then be used to allocate commissions and/or during performance appraisals. 
  • Improve Communication: It enables a clear line of communication between the administrative teams and delivery agents. Agents can talk directly to the administrator and explain the cause of any delivery delays. In addition to that, delivery agents can inform the customers about the same via phone calls or SMS. 
  • Customized Templates: It offers a wide range of customized templates for different use cases. These templates are designed based on the best practices in the specific industry and aim to deliver an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface to all stakeholders.
  • Push Notifications: It informs the delivery agents of upcoming jobs in their geographical area by sending instant notifications and alerts. For customers, their app interface informs them when their delivery has started and the ETA for the same. 
  • Easy Integrations: NetworkON users can take advantage of a wide range of eCommerce extensions and integrate easily with popular websites like Woocommerce and Shopify in a few clicks. They can also extend the functionalities of their business with easy integrations from the NetworkON App Marketplace. These include Google Maps, Salesforce CRM, Twilio, Zapier, Amazon Web Services, and Stripe, to name a few.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Users can easily monitor their delivery agents’ performance based on the reviews and ratings submitted by the customers. The feedback is sent directly to the dashboard, and administrators can further improve their operations. 

You can read NetworkON’s blog section to learn more about how different industries use delivery management solutions to increase their bottom line and scale up their business. 

Final Thoughts 

With its wide range of features and robust functionalities, NetworkON is a reliable delivery management solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you want to optimize the last-mile delivery of your delivery operations or deploy a new setup for the entire logistics process, NetworkON is the best place to start.

The NetworkON team offers detailed consulting, agile development, and excellent customer support. For more information about getting started, click here.

NetworkON Review: AI-Powered Solution for Service and Delivery Management

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