Need of Rolling Wave Planning for Mobile App Development
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Need of Rolling Wave Planning for Mobile App Development

Rolling Wave Planning means delaying important product decisions and outcomes until the app’s brand is prepared to implement them. It signifies that the enterprise can make good and proper decisions as the product rapidly shapes up and much helpful information is revealed. Typically the brand has insight regarding the project, its implementation, and planning it again.

Need of Rolling Wave Planning for Mobile App Development

Below are details as to why rolling wave planning is needed for mobile app development.

  1. Making Effective Product Decisions

This methodology provides insight concerning the progress and evolution of the product. It makes the enterprise better positioned to research, comprehend, and implement further steps based on the information that was not present initially.

Going further, the enterprise has a factual and well-grounded version of the product instead of a high-level requirement document. As a result, the brand can make effective decisions through good elucidation and comprehension of the mobile app‘s operations and design.

When scheming the sprint periods, the brand is imbibed and well equipped with information not present in the nascent stages. This knowledge paves the way for future steps related to product design.

  1. Mitigating Risk

A typical problem associated with well-analyzed and exhausting scheming is that the plans vary a lot related to the product development. In the nascent stages of product development, the brand’s perception is often wrong with the accumulation of more and more information. Insight and awareness that some attributes are not well suited for the product to arise. Further, the milestones and goals vary as time proceeds, and the brand may be faced with the aspect of pivoting.

This leads to issues related to the budget. Many time and resources are consumed in generating a project plan that has to be tweaked again. Also, it is a tough venture for teams to be in sync with the ever-altering requirements. As time progresses, rolling wave planning modifications concerning the deliverables are done. This is done without any big expenditures. In the time duration of product development, the team of the brand associated with the app and the various plans related to the same has to be very adaptable during the entire phase.

  1. Minimizing ‘Downtime’

This word indicates the plethora of waste associated with product development. If the brand faces downtime, then product development is misused and squandered. Rolling wave planning permits the teams to diminish the probability of the waste primarily related to overproduction, non-utilized talent, and excess processing.

As the brands are delayed concerning contemplating product decisions until they are well prepared to make the decision, it is assumed that the team does not create and implement features not required in the first place. Problems like waiting and non-utilized talent are mitigated as the app team has planned the sprints related to its potential and the product’s evolution. Good insight regarding future and effective outcomes is generated.

  1. You Can Pivot

During the entire phase of the project development, all the goals, risks, and presumptions that were initially identified become more and more defined. Rolling Wave Planning supplies the team with the adaptability to pivot if the need arises. Provided the concept of minimum marketable features or a minimum viable product is considered, it can be implemented as the app development project enhances further, where time and resources are conserved when related to re-planning. Every increment is analysed and gauged, so as to manipulate changes with respect to the product which is created. In order to pivot, the team and the brand has to scheme up the proposals related to the next sprint and it circumvents the issue of highly expensive modifications and the huge usage of time and resources related to re-planning.

This methodology promotes adaptability, risk mitigation and augments the productivity and as a consequence, this generates good outcomes. Hence this is the reason why Rolling Wave Planning is integrated with the team’s agile development process and is useful for the teams using agile development principles to adapt and manipulate it.

Author Bio: Michael Archer is a tech geek responsible for designing the popular WhatsApp clone script ZoeChat. He likes to venture more into the technological world and be updated with the latest news and happenings. His ZoeChat app has made a significant impact on the market. In his free time, he likes to play video games, read novels and impart his wealth of knowledge to aspiring youngsters who want to make a mark in the particular field.

Need of Rolling Wave Planning for Mobile App Development

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