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Must-Have Skills for Web Designers

Design Your Future: 5 Must-have Skills You’ll Need To Land A Web Designer Job

With the increased need for e-commerce solutions and growth of web designing industry, competition for jobs amid web designers is also increasing. To make matters worse many don’t plan properly and don’t learn the right web designing skills before job hunting as they go around searching for jobs in a non-systematical manner. To make a career out of web designing in today’s competitive job market, one must equip themselves with a variety of skills in order to stay on top of their game as a successful web designer. Besides, many web designers get confused and ask themselves, ‘How to become a web designer?’ Becoming an expert web designer requires both knowledge as well as experience.

More importantly, constant re-evaluation of individual skills is what makes you better as a web designer meaning that you should constantly seek to acquire more knowledge in related fields. Furthermore, education requirements for web designer can vary anywhere from a high school degree to a bachelor’s degree and are mostly dependent upon the job and employer requirements. Nonetheless, Once you attain the right skills and qualification, web design can be one of the most lucrative and creative sectors where you can make your career. Not only are there ample scopes to gain knowledge, but the frequent changes in the web design trends also do not let the job become mundane and monotonous. Listed below are 5 must-have skills you’ll need to land a web designer job.

  1. Knowledge of HTML– It goes without saying, that HTML, Hyper Text Markup Language, is one of the most, if not the most, important things that web designers should know. Knowing HTML will give you the basic understanding of how the web works in order to make your designs more effective. Besides, web design programs are made to basically translate hypertext markup language code into English and back again between the website and the creator. Like any program, it can sometimes have many defects and problems. Knowing HTML can help fix problems quickly and effortlessly when working with more advanced web design programs.ç
  2. Cascading style sheets- Cascading style sheets, also known as CSS, goes hand in hand with HTML to create beautiful and stylish websites. As the name suggests, CSS coding allows you to style any web portal just how you or your client like it. Furthermore, CSS allows you to place images, content as well as color schemes just in the exact place you want. Needless to say, CSS is a very powerful tool with regards to website design, and web designers must learn this skill for creating a great looking website, no matter how simple or complex.
  3. PHP– Over the years, the popularity of PHP has grown dramatically and is becoming a vital part of website design. Furthermore, modern applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal among others run using this processing language. In addition, social media giant Facebook also runs PHP on their user interfaces. While the knowledge of PHP is not necessary if you are creating websites from CSS and HTML, but it is a good tool to have on your side especially if your clients want content management systems and dynamic contact forms.
  4. Design sense– Let’s face it, there’s a lot more to web design than simply knowing which colors look good together and pictures to include in a site. Furthermore, you should have an in-depth understanding of the elements of design as well as the basic design principles as well as typography, layout principles among others.
  5. SEO- SEO is important for every company aiming to stand ahead. And optimizing your web pages for search engines is an important element in web design! Why? you may ask. Well, SEO-friendly web design not only helps in increasing website’s ranking but can also help it make user-friendly. Besides, just having a great design is of no use unless the website is able to draw a consistent flow of targeted traffic. Making websites is not the main criteria these days. Attracting targeted traffic has become the need of the hour. Needless to say, SEO should be a part of every web designer’s skills list. Knowing a thing or two about SEO and about the way search engines rank web portals will help you design websites that will increase your client’s brand awareness, engagement, and traffic in one fell swoop.
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While these were some of the web designer qualifications and skills that you’ll need to land a web designer job, there are many others such as Ajax and Javascript, Flash, web server administration among many others. Whether you have done a web designing course or are self-taught, make sure you add the above-mentioned skills to your repertoire for taking your web designing career to the next level.

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Must-Have Skills for Web Designers

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