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Recently, there has been a burgeoning demand for growth marketers who can steer organizations and startups towards new avenues. Employers are not explicit in mentioning growth marketing skills in job descriptions and vacancies. They require marketers to cater to a wide array of business needs and overcome challenges within constraints.

Corporations and startups require marketers who are savvy in analytical thinking, marketing, creativity, and engineering. Such professionals are capable of expanding the core metrics of a business and innovating marketing activities. The marketing arena worldwide has been stirred with an increased surge of expectations from modern-day marketers.

It brings us to an essential question: what is a growth marketer? A growth marketer is a professional who can examine a business’s performance and work towards enhancing core metrics. In simpler words, growth markets are focused on eliminating obstacles to improve customer experience and engagement.

In 2020, marketers needed to cultivate a much broader set of skills that goes well beyond marketing and advertising. They are responsible for encompassing a wide array of corporate expertise and domains. So, a growth marketer is a professional with a broad knowledge that spans various corporate areas and a marketing specialization.

We will walk you through the skills growth marketers have and how they are valuable for this article’s businesses.

Here’s everything you need to know:


Many believe that growth marketing is a recent phenomenon, but that’s farthest from the truth. It has been an evolving employee requirement, and recently, it has become more precise and explicit. You see, a growth marketer is a team player and a collaborator. He/she is a professional who is a cross-team contributor and can build productive relationships.

Growth marketers must be vigilant towards all business levers and influence these levers through collaboration and teamwork. They must harness the ability to collaborate with other team members after identifying their specializations and strengths. They possess a wide array of skills across various corporate aspects, which allows them to deploy a wide variety of tools.

For instance, a growth marketer can collaborate with various professionals to handle various marketing aspects. These include data analysis, market research, advertising, product, sales, and customer experience, amongst others.

Specialization in Marketing

Much as the name implies, a growth marketer is mostly a marketing expert. He/she must be well-versed in new marketing channels, tools, and instruments. Growth marketers employ a wide array of data collection and analysis tools to undertake critical thinking and analysis.

Then, they extract the actionable insights and plow them towards making beneficial marketing strategies. It allows growth marketers to examine the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and undertake experiments.

Quantitative Modeling

There is an abundance of research that emphasizes the significance of quantitative modeling for modern-day marketers. As a growth marketer, it is crucial to examine both data analysis and historical data. There is a need to evaluate all data, such as paid and organic traffic, to establish models. These models can be used to forecast sales, profits, and growth and make insightful predictions about performance.

Quantitative modeling allows marketers to identify opportunities and strategies that will prove beneficial for the business. Growth marketers must possess the skill to utilize data and information to create various models. These models are used in undertaking predictions and guesses to understand the impact of a new marketing campaign or strategy.

For instance, a growth marketer can predict the traffic generated by a new ad campaign by examining the historical traffic results. Similarly, data from previous campaigns can prove instrumental in planning marketing budgets and product pricing strategies.

Creativity & Experimentation

Creativity and the ability to undertake risks and run experiments are the two most essential qualities for a growth marketer. These skills allow marketers to be innovative and be bold in testing out new theories and strategies. After all, new approaches and innovative strategies are the foundation that erects development and growth.

Experimentation is a vital skill for all marketers as it broadens the horizons of a professional. Experimentation and creativity go hand-in-hand when it comes to releasing new campaigns and creating engaging content. However, growth marketers must pursue a scientific approach towards testing with empirical evidence and a dynamic hypothesis.

They must design their experiments and analyze the results of their creativity. Testing theories, campaigns, and teasers are crucial in endorsing new concepts and reviving a brand with a new marketing campaign.

Web Development Skills

There is no need for a growth marketer to understand web development in all its entirety. Front-end development is a precious and significantly beneficial skill. You see, digital marketing campaigns are all about user experience and customer service. So, if a business is launching a web-based product or service, its success relies entirely on the user experience.

In a vast majority of modern-day marketing campaigns, web development plays an instrumental role. It’s quite simple: the more significant the user experience, the higher the user engagement, and the greater the marketing campaign’s success.

As a growth marketer, it is essential to be comfortable with front-end development and other web development skills. It will make you more in control of the web dynamics as a marketer and obtain the results you want. To enhance the user experience without waiting on a developer, you can also run tests and make the necessary changes. This skillset can create a dynamic impact on your resume and make you more indispensable for an organization.

For instance, you can easily tailor the home page with attractive placements to capture your audience. You can add new features and videos throughout the website to boost user engagement. Or you can make the shopping experience more streamlined and more manageable by eliminating all hurdles and kinks.


The list of skills and qualifications required in a savvy growth marketer is exhaustive and never-ending. You see, the more skills and expertise you possess, the broader your understanding of corporate affairs. Many believe that engineering skills are crucial for growth marketers, while others stress communication skills.

Growth marketers are often juggling many roles within an organization. Even within the marketing department, they must oversee various aspects, such as product management, advertising, PR, research, and more.

As an aspiring growth marketing, it is essential to balance technical expertise and marketing creativity. It will help if you focus on building a formidable set of qualifications and certifications involving professional training and marketing specializations. But you must also develop your public speaking, communications skills, and project management abilities.

Must-Have Skills For Growth Marketers

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