Must-Have Features of a Food Ordering & Delivery Website
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Must-Have Features of a Food Ordering & Delivery Website

The ease of ordering food online and the change in customer preferences have boosted the online food ordering & delivery business. It has completely revolutionized how people eat outside at restaurants by giving them a more convenient way to enjoy their meals. All they need to do is click a few buttons on their smartphones and get their favorite food delivered at their doorsteps.

The food ordering & delivery business is not just popular among the millennials but also the other age groups customers accept the trend of online food ordering. In the year 2020, the online food delivery solution providers felt the blues; however, once the post-COVID-induced lockdown ended, the demand surged. Restaurants and other food joints launched their online food delivery software to cater to changing customers’ demand.

Growth Stats and Major Online Food Delivery Trends

  • Big players like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and GrubHub have reported an increase in app downloads during the pandemic.
  • The first-quarter revenue of Uber Eats soared more than 50% to $819 million from $536 million as compared to last year.
  • The pandemic resulted in full-service restaurant traffic to drop up to 89 percent globally.
  • According to Statista, the year-over-year decline of seated diners in restaurants in the U.S. was a staggering 81.16 percent on June 3, 2020.
  • Top food delivery player “UberEats” has reportedly seen a 30 percent increase in the number of people signing up for their food delivery service since lockdown.

The surge in On-Demand Food Services

The increasing number of restaurants offering home delivery services is an important factor in the demand for online food ordering and delivery business. Since social-distancing as a safety measure forced restaurants and bars to close or reduce their sitting capacity, many entrepreneurs switched to delivery to stay afloat during the pandemic.

Another reason for a surge in demand for food delivery service is that people are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Even after the lockdown ended, people still hesitate to visit a crowded place like a restaurant.

Overview of Online Food Ordering & Delivery Business

As already stated, the online food ordering & delivery business presents strong growth numbers. To plan your business, you first need to know how it operates. Here is a business model explaining “How the food ordering & Delivery Business Work.”

Overview of Online Food Ordering & Delivery Business

Must-have Features of Food Ordering & Delivery Website

  Merchant Features

  • Push Notification

The restaurant will receive a push notification in the case of any critical activity on the website. Management becomes easy while you get regular updates about the status of the order and payments.

  • Analytic Report (daily sale & monthly sale)

To keep a check on the food delivery website’s overall performance, the admin needs to have comprehensive analytics and advance features. Daily and monthly sales reports make it easy for the admin to decide for the business and efficiently manage the operations.

  • Easy Menu Management

Restaurants can make items listed on the menu as available or unavailable according to the availability of the item in the restaurant.

  • Payment Tracking

Track all payments effectively with the advance payment tracking feature that supports multiple payment options. Customization of payment options as per the business needs can be done.

  • Easy Restaurant Management

With this feature, the admin can easily log in and manage all restaurants with a single admin account conveniently using one application.

  • Order Management

The order management feature allows the admin to manage multiple orders, all at once, systematically.

User/Buyer Features

  • Easy Registration

The customer can register on the platform conveniently. This feature allows the customer to create an account by logging in using different social media credentials.

  • Search Option as per nearby Location

This feature makes it easy for the customer to search for their preferred restaurant or dish. Using the advance search, the customer can filter out restaurants based on geo-location to place the order and request for delivery.

  • Order Tracking

With the integrated Google Map functionality on your food ordering & delivery platform, the customers will be able to track the current status and the location of their orders in real-time.

  • Multiple Payment Option

Your food ordering & delivery system should support the numerous payment options as it enables the customers to make payment flexibility according to their choice of payment gateways. The digital payment option is in trend these days, so prefer giving more online payment options.

  • Review Rating Option

With this feature, the customers can submit a review on the website for the quality of the service being received and share their experience with the visitors on the website.

Delivery Feature

  • Push Notification

This feature allows the delivery staff to view the deliveries being assigned. The delivery staff can accept or reject orders as per their convenience with the inbuilt push notification in the food ordering system.

  • Real-Time Tracking Record

With the real-time tracking feature, the delivery staff can get a full view of the delivery route and experience easy navigation to the location of delivery.

  • Convenience of Operating

With this inbuilt feature, the delivery staff can mark their availability as active and inactive. Only the delivery staff with an active status will receive notifications for new orders.

  • Login/Logout Secure Option

The safe login feature is a must that allows the delivery staff to safely log into their respective accounts and proceed with the accepting or rejecting orders. The option to edit the profile is also available.

COVID-19 Safety Features

  • Contactless Delivery

Due to the pandemic, the consumer prefers to limit their exposure to the outside world. Introduce a superior online food delivery experience for your customers by offering contactless delivery. This feature gives the customer the freedom to opt for zero contact deliveries by simply choosing the option or mentioning it while placing the order.

  • No Contact Payments

Earlier cash on delivery was a popular payment option opted by the customer. But now, due to the pandemic, digital payment is preferred to avoid any direct contact. Introduce more online payment options and promote digital payment by eliminating the COD option.

  • Geo-Fencing

This option is for the restaurants so that they can set virtual boundaries to ensure customer’s safety. The restaurant can choose the areas they can provide the food delivery services keeping no contact from the containment zone.

  • Cube side Pickup

This feature allows the customer to place orders online and collect it from the restaurant with Curbside Pick up. The customer will receive a notification once the order is ready for pickup. 

  • COVID-19 Notification

With this feature, you can keep your customers regularly informed about the COVID-19 safety on-going practices, offers, and important notifications regarding your food ordering and delivery platform.

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The current scenario in the market today states that the demand for online food ordering & delivery services is much higher as compared to previous years. The restaurants that did not have any online ordering & delivery system have invested well to digitize their operations to adapt to the changing norms.

If you look at the wider picture, you will notice more restaurants and food joints registered on food ordering and delivery platforms like UberEats. If you plan to start your online food ordering and delivery business, this is the right time to invest as the market is all set for new entries in the food delivery business.

I would suggest you choose a readymade & customizable food ordering marketplace platform like YoYumm. It is a multi-restaurant food ordering and delivery marketplace solution to build a feature-rich website or app quickly.

Must-Have Features of a Food Ordering & Delivery Website


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