Motivate your Employees with Transparent Smartphone Utilization Policies

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The prevalence of smartphones forces many employers to rethink their policies at their workplaces. Since 95% of the American own a cell phone, its usage at the workplace has become a norm in this digital age.

Many companies suffer without any smartphone usage policies. Excessive cell phone usage at the workplace can disrupt employees’ aura and rhythm because it adversely impacts employee productivity. Employees’ dependency on smartphones is impacting the performance of many industries.

For example, cell phone usage at the workplace can waste time, reduce productivity, and annoy some co-workers. The worst thing that can happen for an employer is a significant loss of revenues or private information due to employees’ smartphone usage.

Many employers believe that smartphones are to be blamed for negatively impacting employees’ productivity. Unfortunately, not many managers at workplaces know strategies to manage their employees’ smartphone usage effectively.

While some business owners form strict policies to regulate employees’ smartphone usage, others may not restrict them to take calls in the hallways or while sitting in their seats.

Managing Cell Phone Usage During Office Time is Crucial 

Managing and motivating a team of employees is easier said than done. When you have decided to improve their screen time and be worried about their productivity, you need to understand employees’ motivations to use the smartphone.

Many employees have separate reasons to use smartphones while at work. Since modern businesses are operating in the third decade of the 21st century, many employees cannot finish their work without smartphones. That involves HR managers, sales executives, and IT personnel to render their duties using a company-owned smartphone successfully.

When an employee ditches the company’s productivity rules and engages in personal phone calls or social media browsing, the managers’ problem that hamper their overall performance or productivity begins. For example, Silicon Valley is a great place to work. Still, if the employees of a tech-related firm focus more on “fun-only” activities at the workplace, the truly productive atmosphere disrupts.

Benefits of Having a Smartphone Usage Policy at Work

This means a smartphone usage policy at the workplace is mandatory to lay down and implement rules for all employees’ appropriate behavior. Employers can form a smartphone usage policy to restrict employees who use their mobile devices excessively. The policy can also apply to sending and receiving SMS messages, phone calls, and emails.

Creating a smartphone usage policy can help employers to establish an atmosphere that harnesses performance and reduces interruption. Moreover, another positive aspect of creating a smartphone usage or monitoring policy is employees’ safety. For example, your drivers may use cell phones while driving a truck or a staff car. To ensure their safety, a “no-tolerance” smartphone usage policy must be in place. If your firm deals with sensitive data of customers and users, then owners must rely heavily on smartphone usage policies for information-safety.

Furthermore, employee handbooks must also include information regarding smartphone usage policies at the workplace. If you still haven’t created a policy for your employees or your current policy is ambiguous. It is time for your managers to consider each employee’s role and form a strategy to restrict their cell phone usage.

How to Link Employees Motivation with Smartphone Tracking Apps 

Increasing productivity is hardly achievable without motivating employees. Employee monitoring apps can boost employees’ motivation; however, they can demotivate even your best people if misused.

Besides, to reap all the benefits of creating a smartphone monitoring policy at the workplace, you should inform employees about the consequences of not following the policy. Understand that employees also deal with their complex problems outside their office. Therefore, not keeping in mind the work-life balance can drive them to violate your policies. Using the policy flexibly can allow employees to feel more motivated at the workplace.

Looking at employees’ motivation from another side of the coin, employees’ motivation will not become an issue if you follow a few steps.

  1. Encourage Employees to Become their Best Versions

By introducing rigorous policies, you can try to boost employee motivation and performance to get better outcomes. For quality work, press on employees to become the best versions of themselves and not worry about their activities being monitored.

  1. Create Awareness Regarding the Spying App

If employees are aware of being tracked, they might not feel bad about it. Allow HR managers to create awareness regarding the positive impacts of an employee monitoring app. Your workers must understand its usefulness and impact on their career development.

  1. Ensure Fairness and Accuracy 

Help employees realize that fair and accurate measure of their performance depends on the data provided by a smartphone tracking app. That means tracking their devices can help managers to make a fair decision regarding pay raises and promotion.

Choosing the Best Employees’ Smartphone Monitoring App 

In pursuit of achieving your productivity goals, using an employee tracking app can boost your performance significantly. Improving employee motivation can be tricky; however, technology has a way to solve this problem. With a smartphone tracking app such as Xnspy up your sleeve, you can track your employees’ smartphone screens, phone calls, text messages, and online activities.

Selecting and deploying the best smartphone tracking app can be the first step in motivating your employees to do their best. Xnspy makes the process of employee motivation easy for your managers and team leaders. Because the app can monitor both employees’ iOS and Android phones, tracking their internet browsing can boost their productivity if you implement the policies correctly.

Deflect productivity-killing activities at work 

Business owners are opting for Xnspy employee monitoring solutions for many years for a good reason. It helps them to keep an eye on their employees all around the clock. The app is perfect for business owners who can buy multiple licenses in addition to 40+ productivity-enhancement features.

On your company-owned Android phones or iOS devices, an ideal employee tracking app can work wonders for your business. First and foremost, it creates a procrastination-free environment to boost employees’ productivity.

Secondly, it saves you tremendous costs by avoiding various expensive employee surveillance options, including CCTV cameras that come with many limitations. For example, investing in costly CCTV equipment and implementing it company-wide does not guarantee to stop cybercrime. Moreover, your employees may feel unsafe knowing that they are being spied upon. Moreover, CCTV equipment is also prone to breakage and damage that may require reinvestment.

Conversely, if you deploy employee phone monitoring apps instead of other employee monitoring systems, the former’s discreet and non-intrusive functionality works in the workforce’s supreme interest. It also reduces the need for physically observing employees’ computer or mobile phone screens. So, in terms of cost, security, and productivity, the best employee tracking app is bespoke solutions for entrepreneurs.

Motivate your Employees with Transparent Smartphone Utilization Policies

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