Most Effective Tips For Data-Driven Social Media Marketing

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Most Effective Tips For Data-Driven Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is one of the most growing terms among businesses. It is estimated that approx 221.9K searches were done on Google for the term across the globe. And out of which, 60.5K was made from India only. 

But the most important thing is its practical implementation. Nearly 40% of businesses do not use social media platforms for marketing. The most common reasons stated by business owners were :

“There are no instant results.”

“We don’t have time for it.” 

“It’s too complicated.”

Enterprises that aren’t aware of social media’s effectiveness in marketing activities must take a look at these statistics: 

  • 49% of customers on social media depend on their ideal influencer’s recommendations while making a purchase.
  • 2 in 3 people on Instagram say that it helps them connect with brands.
  • 75% of users visit the website or purchase after seeing an ad on Instagram.
  • 67% of online shoppers have purchased a product after seeing its advertisement on social media.
  • 90% of social platform users have engaged with a brand through their social presence. 

Data-Driven Social Media Marketing And Its Benefits

For a successful business, leveraging social media is a must nowadays. It leads the company toward a digital path of growth. Various organizations have implemented different strategies according to their needs and niche. 

But an effective strategy is rarely found. Our digital world is hyperconnected and changes at the speed of a flash. Therefore, the brands need to adapt quickly according to the trend. If it fails, then all the efforts made in the past go in vain. So, the data helps them identify market trends, understand consumers’ needs, and reach faster to the targeted audience.

Collecting potential customers’ data from their interactions and behavior on the site and providing them with a personalized experience is data-driven marketing. And social media marketing is identical to it. Brands use users’ interactions and routine activities for making personalized ads. 

Delivering a personalized experience to many users is a pretty difficult task. So, they are classified into different data segments such as their socioeconomic status, demographic details, and the most important one is interests.

Data-driven marketing strategy benefits a business in numerous ways. Such advantages are mentioned below to consider for companies: 

1. Product Competitiveness

Social media marketing allows managers to keep pace with competitors and their strategies. So they can track what others are doing and the results. So, it helps to increase sales and the competitiveness of the brand. And it lets organizations stay on top of industry news and new ideas. So, the product gets innovated constantly with market trends.

Additionally, customers are also helpful in providing the company with a competitive advantage as they share their ideas and opinions on social platforms. So, product managers get to know what consumers think about their brand and what they expect in the future. So, the businesses can keep their grip on sales for the long term. 

2. More Engaged Audience

Individualized messages deliver a great customer experience based on users’ recent interactions and interests. First, companies collect various types of data and segment the consumers. Then, they create more relevant content according to their targeted audience, so it provides more value.

Personalized content also helps to grab the attention of potential customers. The customers want their brand to view them as distinct individuals with unique choices. So, organizations tend to work on more and more personalized content. This way, people feel that they are an essential part of the business so that the company can get a more engaged audience.

3. Authoritative Place In The Market

As we all know, social media platforms help brands to find trending topics and market-related trends. So they can engage with the targeted audience better. In addition, businesses provide their opinion on ongoing trends and issues through their social handles. So they stay in people’s talks and news.

And the most crucial part is product promotion. Numerous brands promote their products with the help of influencers and celebrities. So naturally, people feel these famous personalities as their ideals, so they tend to purchase the product they promote. So, it sets an authoritative place for the business in the market. 

4. Crowdsourcing of Ideas

Crowdsourcing of Ideas
Crowdsourcing of Ideas


A crucial concept in social media marketing is crowdsourcing, and it has been spreading like wildfire in recent decades. Companies ask consumers for suggestions, information, and their point of view. It helps them to craft better products and services. This way, businesses get a piece of massive information from people with different perspectives and skills. So, they can save costs as they don’t have to hire people for this work. 

Companies that run crowdsourcing usually achieve expected success in marketing campaigns as they involve the customers and their ideas into them. So it automatically builds a tendency among people to buy the products as they are a part of the business.

Valuable Tips To Consider

As we went through the benefits that social media marketing delivers to the business, we can state that it holds an essential stand in today’s marketing practices. 

But, now the question is how to create an efficient strategy or increase its effectiveness? For this, below are mentioned some helpful, practical tips for companies.

1. Make Constant Efforts

Consistency is a must-to-include element in the marketing campaign as the results are not derived in just some days. It takes a long time to gain expected outcomes and success. Social media marketing delivers results in the long run, so businesses should not sit hopelessly if they don’t get the anticipated outcomes in a short time. Constant customer engagement leads the company to achieve a higher engaged audience and results.

2. Analyze The Brand Reach 

To engage with a massive audience, the company must have an excellent brand reach on its social media handle. How many people interacted with the posts, comments, and other efforts- matters a lot. Followers, viewers, likes, comments, and shares are the direct results of business efforts. In addition, they are tracked in numbers, so it gets easy to manage the strategy for gaining more reach. Therefore, an organization must analyze its brand reach on social media timely.

3. Improve Brand Image

Brand reach on social media focuses on quantity, while the brand image concentrates on the quality of the campaign’s success. It reflects what people think when they hear the name of a particular brand. In addition, it helps to track whether customers are appraising the company or bashing it. If the managers find any backlash prevailing among people for the brand, they get to know the reason behind that and track the mistake. So, the company can improve its reputation in the market.

4. Create Engaging And Personalized Content

There is nothing wrong with saying that the success of social media marketing hinges on the content that the organization publishes. The quality of the content highly influences audience engagement and business sales. The content strategy should include trending content formats, approaches, or graphics. And as discussed earlier, personalized content drives more reach on social platforms, and its conversion rate is also mind-blowing. 

To Sum Up

As per the above discussions, we can state that social media marketing is vital in growing the business in modern times. Billions of people have a digital social presence, so it gets easy for organizations to engage with a larger audience. Therefore, companies with less effective social presence should rethink their strategy and consider the aforementioned tips. And the most critical element is the content and its timing to post.

Most Effective Tips For Data-Driven Social Media Marketing

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