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Money Management: How to manage your small business finances

Every business whether big or small is always concerned about managing money. If you don’t understand money management, it will be extremely difficult for your business to survive the current industry competition and unstable economic reality.

Running a business goes beyond the mere idea, you need financial management skills so that you can make certain informed financial decisions when and where necessary. Financial intelligence will help you to interpret balance sheets, cash flows, revenues, and expenses. Here are 5 great ways you can manage your small business finances:

Separate Personal and Business Finances

You need to keep your personal expenses different from your business finances. This means that you need to get a business credit card and put all your funds in it. This will keep you in control, and help you to track your outlays.

The worst thing that will happen to your finances is an attempt to mix both your personal and business finances together. If you do this, it will be extremely difficult for you to track your cash flows, revenues, expenses etc

Find the best local Credit Union

Most credit unions are eager to give loans to willing entrepreneurs. Thus, you will be on the safer side if you find a credit union that understands the true nature of your business. There are a series of tools online that will help you to find the credit unions based on their location.

Some local credit unions will be willing to help you if you are a member of an affiliated organization, which are sometimes listed on their site. However, in some of these organizations, you may have to pay to join. Costs are usually very minimal, and you will truly get the value for the membership fee.

Look into factoring receivables

there are many reasons why you need to use factoring; first companies that engage in this process are happy with it because it helps them to get funds faster than waiting for one or two months for payment.

Managing your small business entails looking into factoring receivables. There are so many benefits of factoring such as unlimited capital, professional collections, elimination of bad debt, volume and early payment discounts, no personal guarantees, factoring is fast, simple, secure, and highly convenient, no debt incurred, credit screening, invoices are paid faster, and so on. Factoring doesn’t work for everyone, but as a small business owner, take time to check it out, and see if it can work for your business.

Trinity debt management can offer you great ideas on this- they provide debt management services for individuals, private and corporate organizations that are currently facing debt challenges such as unsecured debt, debt settlement etc.

Monitor your income and expenditures

As a business owner, it is very essential you keep track of your cash flows and expenses, whether you are spending small or large sums of money. Always check your current financial transactions and compare it with the ones you spent previously. This will help you to make a better financial projection in the future.

Take onboard expert advice

You need a professional advice especially as a small business owner who wants to make a huge profit.

Some entrepreneurs don’t like engaging the services of an expert partly or mainly due to the money involved in hiring their services. But the truth is that to go to the next level, you need to hire their services even on a part-time basis.

A professional business consultant will study your business, and can advise you on the way forward- they will tell you where your business is at the moment, and what you need to do so as to get to the next level of excellence.

Whether you are working on tax payment for the current financial year or you need ideas that will enable you to work with series of employees and stay ahead of the competition, their expertise will go miles in guiding you professionally and giving you peace of mind.


Owning and running a business is one thing, and can be truly exciting, while handling finances is another lucrative thing.

Please as a small business owner, never allow your business to suffer as a result of poor financial management. Always abide by the tips in this article. If you can do this, then you will surely give your business a bright future.

Money Management: How to manage your small business finances

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