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Mobile-friendly eCommerce with AMP: Know What Google Thinks

The increased use of mobile phones and applications has given a tough time to websites previously used extensively by users. Quickly replacing the old concepts with the best and newly developed technology concepts, mobile applications have taken over the entire world by storm. However, the development of mobile apps requires support from experts and includes many stages that require a business to invest their time and money for developing an app. 

The increased mobile app development results are reflected in mobile apps as there are 2.6 million Android apps on Google Play and 2.2 million on the Apple app store. The competition among mobile apps is cut-throat, and the risk of lesser returns on the investment done is higher. Therefore, the alternative to mobile apps is introduced by Google to offer an affordable way of reaching potential customers.

Accelerated Mobile Pages: What Google Intends to Provide

According to Statista, 51.51% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. As the threshold loading speed of a website is recorded as 2 seconds, web pages are required to be faster than ever. Otherwise, they will lose their viewers in no time.

As more and more users are moving to mobile phones to access and avail of most of the services, Google has also been focusing on enhancing the user experience and coping with these changing demands; Google introduced mobile-friendly pages- which insisted on making the web pages mobile-friendly.

And to remove any remaining barriers and unlock excellent user experience on mobile devices, Google has introduced the concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that intends to provide excellent support to enable faster loading of web pages through the developed solution.

Why Should Ecommerce Businesses Switch to AMP?

As stated earlier, AMP aims to provide a faster loading experience. To provide an excellent user experience to every shopper visiting the online store, it is essential to either start providing a dedicated mobile application or use AMP to provide an ideal user experience. As Google states, AMP is the best fit for every eCommerce website as it increases the loading speed that can drive increased purchase conversions.

First of all, the page loading speed increases. For your online store visited by numerous customers on their mobile phones, this is a big change. They find faster-loading web pages more convenient, and it helps drive conversions. Moreover, the layout of your website gets managed using JavaScript and CSS that doesn’t insist on hiring app developers. Instead, your web development team can easily help maintain your website.

But Does Google Give Importance to eCommerce AMP?

Leading to the excellent support of AMP in increased lead conversions and excellent loading speed, leading eCommerce stores like eBay have introduced their AMP to provide enhanced user experience and drive their growth. Also, Google themselves considers AMP when it comes to ranking a website in their search results. Want some proof? Read further.

A study supported by Google concluded that AMP helped the eCommerce stores drive a 20% increase in sales conversions and a 10% increase in the website traffic. Moreover, the implementation of AMP will gain more importance in the coming times as the combination of AMP and PWA (Progressive Web Apps) delivers amazing results for eCommerce businesses. But when it comes to Google, eCommerce store and AMP gets linked together to offer excellent results.

How Does AMP Work?

AMP works for what it stands for: Accelerated Mobile Pages are optimized for maximizing the page load speed and provide faster browsing support on mobile devices. It mainly uses JavaScript and simple concepts of CSS to optimize the web pages for speed. 

By minimizing the size of all resources (media files, documents, and more) present on the page statistically, AMP ensures the loading speed gets increased. It removes the need for recalculations of Styles- faster font loading, prioritizing resource loading, and more that ultimately helps obtain speedier loading. A great extent impacts it.

AMP for Ecommerce Stores: Important Points to Consider as Instructed by Google

Google keeps the user experience at priority when it comes to ranking any website in the searches. Here AMP works its best to increase the page load speed and improve user experience. If any eCommerce store considers implementing it on their website, they can enjoy numerous benefits.

However, adhering to the rules and guidelines of Google is necessary to keep your place intact in the search results. And hence, measures that justify what Google wants the pages powered by AMP to do are essential to keep in mind when designing a page to ensure excellent results.

  1. Enhanced Browsing Experience

Whenever a potential buyer lends on your eCommerce website, they will either visit your home page or any of the product category pages at first. Therefore, these pages must be created using AMP to provide faster loading speed. The increased speed of your home page and product categories helps users move to their desired products faster and helps enhance the user experience.

  1. Attractive Product Page

Once the user arrives at the product page they want to buy; the presentation starts making a difference. A messed-up design and especially the slow loading speed of the page can discourage users, and they may leave the website instantaneously. Therefore, it becomes essential to design the product page excellently to keep users’ interest intact. And AMP can provide significant support through its excellent CSS and JavaScript usage to make your product page attractive. 

  1. Transition to HTML Must be Seamless

As soon as the customer clicks on “buy,” the transition from AMP pages to HTML is executed. This process must not expose the downside as the transition must be smooth to provide a consistent user experience. And here, a PWA can work wonders. If an eCommerce website is PWA, this transition becomes much smoother to execute, and it provides an excellent experience.

  1. Smart Caching

When analyzing your website to inspect incoming traffic and conversions, it is essential to understand the concept of smart caching. AMP includes the innovative caching feature that helps your website load instantly- on user devices who have previously been on it. Not only it provides extended support, but it helps manage the website performance.


Implementation of modern technology trends can indeed support increased profits and drive business growth. Ecommerce and AMP togetherly can provide benefits to businesses. An online store implementing the best AMP practices and enabling enhanced user experience can achieve success in today’s competitive world. 

The importance of obtaining a mobile-friendly website has increased, and the measures that help to perform it in the best way possible are given utmost priority. To increase your sales conversion and attract more buyers to the eCommerce website, implementing AMP and PWA in any eCommerce website can improve their ability to efficiently serve a wide variety of audiences.

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Mobile-friendly eCommerce with AMP

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