Mobile Designing Trends that Every Designer Should Know and Use

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Latest Mobile Designing Trends that everyone should know and use

The user interface and the user experience (UI/UX) constitute a significant part of any mobile application development. The functionality of the app is entirely based on the development and the coding side. Still, the navigation and the user experience are also the central part in determining whether the application is successful. Many studies have found that about 88% of users exit the website because of unsatisfactory experiences. About 90% of the users don’t use the mobile application because of the low-quality user experience. The active users and user retention is the key for successful applications, and the user interface has a leading role in retaining the users. Here are some latest trends in mobile application designs in 2020.

Customized Digital Illustrations

Everyone will agree that an image can provide better and quickly understandable information more than words. The digital images are used in the mobile screen and the web pages instead of the plain texts. The digital illustration trend is huge among many companies in the year 2020.

Gone are the days of vector headlines. The latest design trend used to represent the services in an application is banner drawing. The banners are not done in traditional methods anymore. Many designers use digital illustrations for that as well to enhance the user experience.

Easily Accessible and Effortless Interface

There is a lot of competition in the web and mobile application development industry. If the user interface is not seamless and easily accessible, then people have several other options to choose from over their application.

This is why all the essential information and the links should be present on the home page, where users can easily understand and navigate throughout the webpage and mobile applications. Therefore, at the initial stages of application development, UI and UX should be considered as well.

Creating Stories and Characters

The introduction of the storytelling and usage of characters has changed the user interface for the betterment, and this is one of the hugely popular trends among designers. While introducing any new product or services instead of using text format to explain to them, the designers use characters and storytelling to add them to the audience.

Go Button-less

Many popular mobile applications have already incorporated the button-less user interface, and it was becoming relevant and famous in 2020. It was considered a farfetched update, but it has already arrived in so many applications if we look around. Many social media applications like Whatsapp and Instagram have status and story options, respectively, and people can go to the next stories by tapping the screen instead of buttons.

Easy Navigation and Good Aesthetic

Any good mobile or web application needs easy navigation and user-friendly features, and this will allow the users to be more active and bring them back to the app or site more often. The Aesthetic part also plays a massive role; the colors, layouts, and designs should be considered and planned accordingly at the project’s initial stages.

Designs based on Data

The Data that the users provide is precious to any company. When combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, this Data can be used in many ways to customize the user’s experience. For instance, if it is an online shopping website or mobile application, the app can give personalized recommendations based on their style and favorite products by using behavioral data.

Therefore, it takes a lot of research and analysis for the designing team before outlining the applications. These trends will help the designers to have fresh ideas for a better user interface and experience. If you are looking for a company with a great sense of design and a well-experienced design team, reach Pyramidion Solutions. The company has top mobile app developers in Chennai who endeavor to reach all your business needs.

Author Bio:

Monish Sinthala is the founder of a top-rated mobile app development company, Pyramidion Solutions. The company has a skilled set of UI/ UX designers who know the latest designs and market trends. The company works to improve user experience and provide a well-balanced mobile and web application using the latest technologies and creative designs.

Mobile Designing Trends that Every Designer Should Know and Use

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