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Mobile Apps Help Small Businesses

Mobile Applications and their Positive Impact on Small Businesses

Mobile apps are ubiquitous with users nowadays. People who use Smartphones, Tablets, or a music player for that matter, come across Mobile apps every day. They find their purpose in many fields right from morning tonight. For example, mobile apps are used for Online shopping, buying food, paying a bill, and booking a cab, serving several other objectives.

By efficiently implementing these apps, small businesses can impact the industry. To promote their business and scale new heights in terms of growth and stature, a company must generate a mobile app.

Things to ponder before creating an app

However, before designing an app, a company or a firm has to assimilate the complete mechanism of that application. Meticulous planning and vision are mandatory to succeed in any business. This holds in this case too. The app has to be set up based on whom it decides to target. The key is to maintain a good bonding with the customers by engaging them relentlessly with inventive updates.

Why is there an increase in demand for mobile apps?

More and more users have started to use mobile phones as a medium to use the Internet. This has further increased the demand for these mobile apps. A Survey in America highlights the growing trend of people using smartphones. It reveals that most young people check their mobile phones once an hour. This tendency of people has paved the way for Mobile apps.

The Role of Mobile apps in assisting small Businesses

This is the ideal time for Small business firms to develop a Mobile app as most business owners are still unaware of their value. Therefore, a company that seizes this moment by taking advantage of the situation will probably be a notch higher than the others.

Originality plays a key role.

The originality of the apps is essential. Numerous apps are predicted to enter the market in the years to come. This gives a lot of options for the consumers to make a choice. Therefore, if a small business organization can develop a unique app, there is no doubt that the consumer will download them on their cell phones. Therefore, apps are the ideal platform for small business to improve their credibility and reputation.

In what way Mobile apps can nourish the small businesses

Mobile apps help expand our reach in the market, thereby promoting sales and growth. The probability of a Small business with a mobile app succeeding is 90 percent more than the one without the application. There are a lot of benefits of these apps, and some of them are listed below.

It helps to build relationships with the customer.

Business Owners can have direct contact with the user. They can send information regarding the updates in their business, which facilitates the user to choose instantly. These mobile apps help to notify the customers about any discounts and offers. It also allows Small businesses to feed new information on the Internet, including Social Networking sites. This builds a good solid relationship between the consumers and the owners.

A Company can also honor loyal customers by giving gifts and rewards. This is not only a business tactic, but it also makes the customers feel elated. Conduct a survey and determine what they want to receive as a reward.

Small business firms must elegantly design their apps. For instance, the company or the store can offer them coupons on their birthdays and special occasions. Any feature like this can be included in the app depending on the need of the hour. Small businesses can inherit a great harvest by adopting this intelligent and clever policy. 

Enables focusing on a particular group of people

The progress in technology assists Small Businesses to target the users based on a particular location. It also allows them to focus on very close users to the stores. If the Geolocation technology is added to the Mobile application, special offers can be sent to consumers near the business area.

A Well designed app can boost the SEO

If the application is Unique and mobile-friendly, the search engine will accept it. Keyword research needs to be done to ensure good SERP ratings. But, importance must be given to the functions of the application and the users to whom the app is targeted, rather than just stuffing keywords to get good ratings. This methodology of concentrating more on keywords than content will surely backfire. Flexibility is a prominent aspect of an excellent mobile app.

If all the basic rules set by the search engine are followed, the mobile apps can generate online traffic. Moreover, if the app is user-friendly and does not overwhelm the consumer at first sight, then it is bound to attract more and more traffic. Thus Small businesses can be hugely benefitted from having an excellent mobile-friendly app.

Mobile apps support the small businesses to acquire a Brand Name

It is very easy to create a repercussion in society by using mobile apps. They have many features that permit the spread of information from one place to another. For example, messages can be shared through email and social media websites by using the Share button.

This increases the app’s popularity, and slowly it becomes a social sensation. Thus a brand name can be established, and sales can thrive under this name for a fixed point of time without any issues. 

Mobile apps bolster card transactions.

The money transaction is relatively easy and less time-consuming. The transactions can be done directly from a mobile phone or a Tablet. For example, the square is one such mobile payment platform that allows the usage of Credit cards/Debit cards. Some of the existing business apps are Slack, Pocket and Wunderlist.


Slack is a mobile-friendly application that supports effective communication. This app assists the company in allocating and prioritizing the projects. Slack can be used not only by any business firm, irrespective of its size. In addition, this app helps users upload images videos and invites them to write their comments.


Pocket is an application that allows the user to bookmark all forms of content. It is a user-friendly app and is available on Android and iPhone. This app helps the user save the article and enables them to read it later. This is one of the most used applications, extensively used when there is no Internet connection.


Mobile apps have become an integral part of our life. However, more than the tool, it is more critical of its hands. Likewise, Mobile apps serve innumerable purposes, but only effective and appropriate handling of those apps would result in satisfaction and success in the long run. This philosophy holds good for small business companies and also the consumers.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is the CEO and co-founder of Jeato, a company that provides mobile app development services with a team of professionals. Being tech-savvy, his main objective is to create Android and Ios apps with the latest applications. Jeato is a software platform mainly designed for launching an app with Airbnb and uber cloning scripts.

Mobile Apps Help Small Businesses

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