Mobile App Vs Web App: What’s The Difference?

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Mobile App Vs Web App: What’s The Difference?

In this technology-driven world, developing a targeted app for business is considered one of the fastest ways to accelerate growth. 

But technologies are changing rapidly, and they are getting more advanced and modern nowadays. Therefore, businesses have faced the dilemma of selecting the appropriate medium to reach potential customers. 

Earlier, people used to think there was little difference between mobile and web apps. But, in reality, they both are different from each other in many respects. 

Among mobile apps and web apps, businesses mostly prefer mobile apps because they can reach more customers through mobile apps than web apps. According to the statistics, almost 50% of online transactions happen through mobile phones. 

Manliness owners and entrepreneurs also do not know the exact difference between them. 

Hence, we will discuss a mobile app and a web app as versatile web and mobile app development companies.

Basic Difference Between Mobile Apps and Web Apps

Before making a clear difference between web apps and moa clear, it is crucial to know their differences. 

So, the mother’s basic difference is smaller screens like tablets, smartphones, etc. As it is a simple mobile application, an individual can easily download it from Google Play Store, Apple Store, or Windows Store. The main functionality will be similar to what you receive from a web app.

The business can make its web application ‘mobile-friendly,’ which will run on a web browser. Businesses can make their web app shrink from being available on a smaller screen. You can make a complex or simple web app, depending on your business goals.

An Introduction to Mobile Application

In simple terms, mobile applications are specifically designed for business to run their app on mobile devices. Therefore, mobile apps work similarly to web apps. But, the major difference between them is that mobile apps can be accessed through mobile phones only, but one can access web apps on multiple devices and platforms. In addition, you need to install the mobile app to use them, but web apps are not reinstalled. 

Android and iOS are the two leaders in the mobile app domain. However, businesses mostly prefer launching their mobile business app because it can reach their targeted audiences in less time. 

This happens because of the broader user base for both the iOS and global android markets, which covers respect global android., 87% and 75.85%. 

Difference Types Of Mobile Apps 

To develop mobile apps, you must be well aware of the two main types of mobile apps native mobile apps and hybrid apps. So, before investing money in developing a mobile app, you must know which one will be perfect for you.

 You must consider a few things, like business requirements, goals, and budget. First, however, let’s discuss a few things about both types of apps below.

Native Mobile Application

Mobile apps specifically designed for a target with the help of platform-specific SDK are classified as native mobile apps. Native mobile apps mostly work with the mobile device’s operating systems (Android and iOS). Also, you should know that native apps cannot be mixed and matched.

Hybrid Mobile Application

A hybrid app is a website wrapped in the native application shell. Hybrid mobile apps are built on platforms that will provide you with code that shares compatibility with every operating system available. 

As it mainly uses the single-code base, it has garnered immense popularity among MSMEs for creating their business app in one go. Some of the well-known hybrid app development platforms are React Native, Flutter, and Iconic. As per the statistics, 42% of developers mostly choose React Native as their preferred platform.

 Perks of Developing Mobile Apps

Certain benefits are there of developing mobile apps for businesses which we will discuss below.

Faster Than Web Apps

Mobile apps are much faster than web apps. Once the user installs the app from their respective app store, they can easily access mobile appthyMoreover; since it can be accessed offline, it offers faster response than web apps.

More Functionality

The mobile app can integrate your services or business products with several new functionalities like augmented reality and geolocation. Additionally, you can develop it faster using you can also developer tools and SDKs available.

Great User Experience

An available mobile SDKscan provides your customer with a better user experience as it can offer them personalized experiences. 

For instance, you can directly send customized notifications depending on how they interact with your app. Hence, people prefer mostly mobile app because of the flexibility it offers. According to the statistics, mobile app revenue is estimated to reach $693 billion by the end of 2022

An Introduction To Web Applications

The web application is mainly self-contained software that solely runs on a web browser. The best part of the web application is that users do not need to download or install it to run the app. 

Also, you can access web apps on any device and platform if you have an internet connection. Also, web applications can be limited to a single page or spanned over several pages.

According to the statistics, the global web app market growth is estimated to reach $10.44 billion by 2027. Moreover, a single developer can easily code a web app as it does not need to be custom-built hardware or a platform. 

Therefore, it cuts down the overall web development costs developer does not need to write multiple codes to launch the web app on several platforms. So, web apps can work on mobile devices and desktops, unlike mobile apps. 

Benefits of Owning A Web Application

Even though mobile apps offer multiple functionality and robust features, web applications have their benefits to offer. So, let’s dive into why people have also accepted webs for their businesses.

Available For Every Kind Of User

Unlike a mobile application, a web app can be used from any device regardless of your phone’s operating system. Of course, if you use your phone’s operating system easily, access any web app from any platform. But, the quality, network access, and speed of the internet’s internet can greatly impact users’ mobile.


Web apps can be the ideal option for small business owners or entrepreneurs as they are cost-effective. So it is they are cost-effective testing methods like mobile applications. 

Easy To Update

The best part of web apps is that they are very easy to maintain. Moreover, unlike any mobile application, end users do not have to download or install them. 

In addition, web apps that are easy to update are pushed via ethernet. They automatically update the web apps and provide the users with an improved user experience.

What To Choose Between Mobile Apps And Web Apps

Building mobile or web apps entirely depends on your business goals. However, it is known that mobile file apps can be used for mobile vs. web apps. The internet is down, which does not apply to web apps.

On the other hand, you can reach a wider range of customers through a web app, while mobile apps require robust strategies to reach potential customers. 

On the other hand, you can’t include multiple features on web apps. In this case, you can opt for mobile applications to offer your customers a customized user experience. However, web apps can be the ideal option if you are short on a budget since they require minimal maintenance and a low budget.


You must learn the basic differences between mobile and web apps to select the app to host your business services. 

Though your final decision should entirely your final decision should depend on entirely ever, you can contact a reliable development company to develop a robust app for your business to boost growth. 

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