Missed Delivery For Shipment: What To Do When This Happens
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Missed Delivery For Shipment: What To Do When This Happens

One of the highlights of ordering online would definitely be the feeling of utter joy whenever your package arrives. So, imagine the disappointment when you check your delivery status, and it says, “missed delivery.” It’s even worse if you intended to use the product you ordered for an event or function the following day.

And if you are a seller, your customers’ experience is always your top priority. So when a missed delivery happens, a customer’s disappointment is also a seller’s dissatisfaction. Although deliveries are a courier’s responsibility, it’s still your business or your brand’s reputation on the line. More often than not, customers would still associate a courier’s performance to the actual business’s performance.

What should you do in case of a missed delivery?

Naturally, when a customer reaches out to you about a missed delivery, the first thing you should do is contact your courier. You may have more access to them and therefore be of better service to your customer’s queries. Just make sure that you update your customer whenever you get an update from your courier — may it be clarifications regarding the missed delivery or the next steps your customer should take to address the situation.

Aside from knowing how to troubleshoot when this incident occurs, it is also important to implement some simple changes to ensure that this doesn’t happen in the future. Hopefully, the tips listed below would help you navigate your way through providing the best experience for your customer — even when missed deliveries occur.

Avoiding a Missed Delivery

When it comes to eCommerce, the efficiency of shipping plays a significant role. Unlike shopping in a brick and mortar store, the biggest question for a customer would always be: “when will I receive my order?” As you know, your sale will not be 100% successful unless your customer’s post-purchase experience is seamless. Although you have succeeded in convincing your consumers to complete a purchase, it is your duty to deliver top-quality service even until the delivery is done.

Improve your shipping communication

One of the best ways to do this is to be as detailed as you can be when it comes to updating your customers about their orders. From the moment they have confirmed their orders, you could send out their shipping details together with their confirmation email. Details such as expected pick-up date, tracking number, and expected delivery dates would be helpful. Sending an update email every time their parcel has been picked up, shipped, or is out for delivery would guarantee your customer that you are with them every step of the way.

Luckily, some shipping solutions companies like ShipExpert, offer seamless integrations to multiple eCommerce software. One of their integrations allows you to seamlessly provide a tracking number with every order placed, which customers (and you, yourself) can use to monitor your parcels. And even with these top-notch integrations, ShipExpert still offers discount shipping, no matter how many parcels you decide to send out.

Give options for delivery flexibility.

It would be an excellent option if your customers could specify their preferred delivery time window on your website. This would give the customer peace of mind since they do not have to wait all day on the expected delivery date for their shipments to arrive. This would also help minimize missed deliveries since your customers can dictate the time window in which they would be available to receive the package.

With this, you can also take your user experience up a notch by making it possible for your customers to reschedule their preferred delivery window time. Along with the confirmation email, indicate details of the designated customer support they could contact if they want to make any changes to their delivery. If your website requires your customers to have an account, the ability to customize or update their delivery details would be a great addition. Just make sure that these should be changed or updated before your courier ships the parcel.

These may seem like minute details, but providing your customer with options like these would make them likely to shop again. When your customer feels like you prioritize their convenience, they would have your brand on top of their minds. This is what happens when you insure and deliver your customers the most seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.

Stay in touch with your courier.

In the world of eCommerce, your chosen courier is considered as part of your team. After all, concerns regarding shipping and delivery would always relate to your brand and business. Because of this, it’s important to maintain a good working relationship with your courier.

With this, you can strike an agreement with them so you could, in turn, provide a solid shopping experience to your customers. From the usual email updates, you can try opting for SMS updates and the shipping status of their parcels. You can also request your courier partner to call or text your customers when their order is on the way. This would be beneficial, as well, if you have decided to offer your customers the flexibility to choose their preferred delivery time window.

To achieve this, you must communicate well to your courier partner or chosen shipping solutions company. With this in mind, it is important to choose a company that would offer discount shipping and ensures good quality control and client relations. It is also important to check whether they have easy communication options such as the option to request online support or the option to communicate via live chat.


Although having missed deliveries can seem like a daunting experience, the key to avoiding that is simple: information. From order confirmation to the actual delivery date, if you keep your customers notified with every step, they will feel assured. This will also minimize errors like missed deliveries since they will know what to expect. Likewise, sharing information regarding your customer’s preference for your courier would also clarify any blind spots from their end. Because of this, a more efficient fulfillment process can be achieved.

Missed Delivery For Shipment: What To Do When This Happens

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