Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unlocks the Potential for Real Business Intelligence

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The beauty of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it integrates seamlessly with all other Microsoft products. It has sophisticated machine learning algorithms built into it and this can be used with BI solution builder to derive real business intelligence and predictive capabilities.

Defining business intelligence use cases

Users can actually define business intelligence preferences in the BI solution builder by stating what their current use cases are and then choosing what technologies are currently in use. Once this information is provided you receive a recommendation of what upgrades you may carry out.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM ties everything together

It is not unusual for businesses to have various sources of business intelligence and analytics. The diversity can bog them down and lead to inefficiency. Microsoft layers Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the Microsoft Sales Experience module that streamlines seller tasks. Retain a Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer to layer in analytics model and that will help you to get a picture of win-loss probabilities as well as gain predictive intelligence capabilities. Joined with Power BI you have a versatile tool that gives you telemetry and visualization capability to get at a glance what your chances are with each opportunity. That is not all. It even gives suggestions on the possible lines of actions for each opportunity. Link this with the machine learning algorithm and you can see that, as time passes, the whole system gains in sophistication and accuracy.

Data quality

Data quantity and, importantly, quality, determine the intelligence you can derive from it. It is good to know that Dynamics CRM refines the way data is filtered and handled to work with machine learning algorithms for better accuracy in real-time. This module works with telemetry to track changes and updates predictive indicators. If you are using Azure machine learning then its neural network model makes it even better but you do need Dynamics CRM solution provider to put sales data and web data together in a suitable model and possibly tie in Azure SQL database if it is in use in your environment. There are other options too. One is to use Zoho advanced analytics for in-depth sales analytics using the Dynamics CRM connector if you happen to be using Zoho. Another way is to make use of the Dynamics 365 AI module that helps to make data-driven decisions. You can have at a glance insight on lifetime spends, churn risk, affinities, and interests across various customer segments like high earners, new customers, and returning customers. One of the best solutions, however, is to couple Dynamics CRM with in-memory BI and SQL Azure to derive real-time intelligence. You do not have to rely on data warehouses or data cubes that, in any case, give you only historical intelligence, not actionable intelligence to take action for the future. Your task becomes easier with the presence of Cortana that lets you input natural language queries in Power BI. Another thing to note is that many people are visually oriented in which case too you have powerful data visualizations with overlay capabilities. You get at a glimpse an immediate grasp on trends. Users have the facility to create charts, matrix views, and dashboards that will help in gaining accurate and precise predictive capability instead of a generalized assumption.

Better support for decision making

Machine learning and data analytics are fine. They do deliver visual and other representations of developing trends. Ultimately managers have to make decisions and making one can be tough given the variables. Here too Dynamics CRM prioritizes opportunities in sales and customer support and makes recommendations to improve decision making.

Taking action

It is all very well to have Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft tools and gain predictive business intelligence in real-time. Implementing it is what gets you results. Happily for business users, Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with salesforce automation, email marketing, customer support, and social collaboration tools. Link what actions you plan to take with data from contact and account management to create specific targets and manage channel partners who may be involved in your sales activities. Implement social strategies and email blasts and then use pipeline management to track leads to orders very closely at each stage. While using social strategies you can activate One Note to stay organized. You can even schedule these sales activities according to dates and priorities. Use the product and price list management feature to manage prices and send out offers to select groups. Keep track of what responses you derive and drive it back into the data channel to get even more refinements in the course of action. You have campaign management on one side and lead management as well, all of which can work in channels or be synced together and the outcomes go back into analytics to help you determine just how effective your strategies are.

It is a tool

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a tool, after all, a part of a larger Microsoft Dynamics family. If you truly wish to derive real business intelligence in real-time the tool must be customized to suit your business and then streamlined with other parts of the Dynamics family. For this to happen you will find it helpful to have your Dynamics CRM solution finely tuned and tailored to help you get precisely the information you need in the shortest possible time. It works right out of the box but with so many options and variables, it can be confusing. Instead, let the Dynamics CRM solution provider tailor it around your needs. It is well worth the expense since the ROIs will be far greater in every way.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unlocks the Potential for Real Business Intelligence

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