It was awesome having you visit Tunisia. Your talk to our entrepreneurs remains one of the most successful sessions, and I use your pitch deck structure to help the entrepreneurs I come across. We hope to have you back in Tunisia soon.​

Tarek Chelaifa Flat6Labs Tunis Program Manager

Understanding eCommerce, we believe that the core of any successful business is an exceptional group of people.

When Understanding eCommerce meets an exceptional team of people with a market-driven opportunity, we make it our goal to offer the necessary resources and constant support to transform those ideas and aspirations into a successful and profitable business.

Meet the Team at Understanding eCommerceMeet the Team at Understanding eCommerce – Mike Doherty

Michael P. Doherty

Mike Doherty, the founder of Understanding eCommerce, has a long history in the startup community as a VC, angel, mentor, and founder. He has sat on both sides of the table.

Mike left silicon Valley in 2012 to explore the Berlin startup scene. He quickly got involved with Startupbootcamp and led its Angelsbootcamp, educating high net worth players in angel investing intricacies.  As a Pitch Coach, he has supported numerous startups and advised founders through programs including Startupbootcamp, Bayer’s G4A, enpact, Foundation If, and Flat 6 Labs.

Mike currently lives in Barcelona with his family and supports startups throughout Europe.

Mike has launched and managed several ventures personally, so he understands the challenges of managing day-to-day operations while remaining focused on growth opportunities and the bottom line. He has also worked as an investor and a lender and recognizes these parties’ demands and expectations to the mix. Mike’s clients benefit from both perspectives.

Mike has an extensive background in venture investments, including evaluating and underwriting over $100 million in venture financing for emerging growth companies. Before Understanding eCommerce, he was a director at Third Coast Capital, a venture lending organization that committed more than $125 million in venture debt investments. Mike was one of the first employees when Third Coast was established in 1996 with an initial investment by Cargill, Inc., the largest privately held company in the United States. His focus was originating and underwriting venture-staged debt products.

In 1998, the group sold Third Coast Capital to DVI, Inc. (NYSE “DVI”). Mike continued as a director through 2002. During Mike’s tenure at Third Coast, the company grew to become the 4th largest venture debt provider in the United States. The portfolio included 60 investments in 17 states and returned a time-weighted gross IRR of 33.2%. This performance level is in the top quartile of all venture funds for cumulative vintage year composite performance (upper quartile minimum 30.2%).

Before Third Coast Capital, Mike was a Southport Systems, Inc. principal, a consulting firm advising clients on asset management, leasing operations, and credit underwriting. Also, he has served as a portfolio manager for many leasing portfolios.

Mike has a BS in Commerce from DePaul University in Chicago. Mike is also an Alumnus of the 1997 Class of the Venture Capital Institute (VCI) and the 2006 Class of Leadership San Francisco (LSF). Mike has served on the Golden Gate Business Association (GGBA) boards and the SF Small Business Network (SBN).  Mike taught finance, marketing, and business planning at the Renaissance Entrepreneurial Center and taught Entrepreneurship to At-Risk Youth in the Changing the Odds Program.

He currently resides in Berlin with his partner, their daughter, and three dogs, making for a busy schedule!

“Mike is an amazing combination – he has deep expertise & skills from his background in Venture Capital. He absolutely understands business and how to build it based on solid fundamentals. Mike also has a razor-sharp mind and is very direct and to the point. I like to tease him that he is the “Dr. Phil” of business – he’s going to tell you as he sees it, whether it’s easy to hear or not!”

Melinda Phillips Zumski – ZumiFi

Jorge Romero-Lozano, Dipl. Ing., LEED AP, PMP

Jorge Romero-Lozano heads up the Global Project Management group. 

Mr. Romero was born and raised in Mexico, attended college, and worked for many years in the US before settling in the German capital. The Global PM staff have worldwide project experience in the built environment, renewable energy, and sustainable measures.

He is responsible for managing projects within Europe and abroad. Tasks include contract management, schedule and budget control, and new processes to effectively run a design or construction project.

Mr. Romero also offers Project Manager PMP Certification Training through PM Workshops. PM Workshops (PMW) incorporate both the theoretical and practical sides of project management into our training.

Four days of classroom training, 35 PMI® required contact hours and the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) 6th edition in preparation for the PMP Certification Exam.

I attended a PMP ‘Bootcamp’ led by Jorge and truly appreciated his teaching style. Jorge can break down and explain any concept in a straightforward, understandable manner supported by the depth and breadth of his real-life experience as an international project manager. Studying for the PMP exam with Jorge has been enjoyable, and he truly cares about his students’ success, always willing to go the extra mile.

Mikaela Gallon, Allianz

Core Values

VALUE ADDED RESOURCE We apply our knowledge, talent, and resources to be the premium resource for hard-to-find solutions for the small business community. Our customers enjoy service from one single value-added source. And when a solution doesn’t exist – we strive to create an avenue to develop one.

QUALITY, COMMUNITY, AND RESPECT Our goal is to provide the highest quality solutions and a sense of community – either via content, services, or products – to the small business community, which is helpful, inclusive, and respectful individuals for who they are.

COMMITMENT TO THOSE WE SERVE We measure our success by how well we enable people to live their lives fully. Our customers, vendors, and colleagues deserve our best. Our customers are individuals; we must never forget that. Our focus is on providing the best experience ever, whether in relevant content, user-friendly resources, or services that enrich our members’ lives.

GROWTH, TRANSFORMATION, AND RENEWAL Consistent with our core values, we as individuals and corporations are dedicated to creative and constructive growth, transformation, and renewal as sources of inspiration and vitality. We will go through growing pains. We will get it wrong at times – because we are not a website, but real people are building a website. We ask that you partner with us in this endeavor.

Meet the Team at Understanding eCommerce

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