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Master the Best Video Marketing (With 5 Simple Tips)

So you’re looking to build your business brand, and you realize marketing is a crucial tool. If you pay attention to statistics about the future of marketing and branding, you’ve seen the trend by now: video is skyrocketing to the top of everyone’s priority. The ubiquity of video as a powerful marketing tool is due in large part to its simple creation. Professional-level marketing videos can be made in minutes with online video software, and the ROI for those few minutes of effort is so high it’s not surprising everyone’s getting in on this trend.

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Not only does the best video marketing effectively reach your targeted demographic, it engages them on an unparalleled interactive level. Marketers across industries recognize video’s rise in popularity as a testament to the power of personalization.    

So how do you take the loose threads of your company’s details and weave them together to create compelling marketing videos that stand out from your competitors? We’ve put together the top 5 components of the best video marketing strategies.

Make Your Content Digestible

We’re all inundated with online media of every kind, so the top marketing videos keep it short and simple. Use the content of the video to draw viewers in just like the beginning of a news article: in the first sentence, you should be able to answer the 5 “w” questions so the audience knows exactly what to expect.

In the same way, your marketing video should provide the key information viewers need to know about your business within the first 30 seconds, so that they aren’t left wondering why they’re investing their time watching your video. Give the headlines of what your company is about through the video, and use calls-to-action as a funnel through which to give customers more detailed information later on.

Make Your Message Urgent

“Don’t wait!” “Take action now!” “Offer expires soon!”

All of these calls-to-action and related messages stimulate our natural fear of missing out. You can use this sense of urgency to generate leads from potential customers who may already have had the idea of your product or company in the back of their mind.

Adding a time-sensitive element to your marketing videos means that you’ll see conversion quickly. When people understand that the product or service you offer isn’t going to be around forever, they’ll prioritize taking action.

Make the Audience Your Priority

If you can understand precisely what it is your audience is looking for in a product or service, you’ll be better suited to address those specific needs through your marketing videos. For instance, if you’re a real estate agent selling houses, what does your company do differently than your competitors that will draw customers’ interest to you?

Answering the needs of your audience involves telling the story of your company (concisely!) in a way that makes them realize the value of choosing your business over another’s.

Make Your Story Personal

Here’s where the unique element of video personalization comes in to elevate your online marketing videos. VideoRemix’s software allows you to take names, images, and other particular details of your potential customers and incorporate them directly into your videos.

Personalization allows you to build on the above-mentioned urgency with a sense of loyalty. If potential customers feel valued by seeing their name or photo in your video, it only increases their desire to put their trust in your company. The emotional connection that comes from appealing to an individual person will benefit the reputation of your brand.

Make Social Media Work for You

Consider YouTube and Facebook some of your biggest allies in the world of online video marketing. When you have your video content, use every available platform to share. Video on social platforms can generate up to 1200% more shares than comparable text and images, according to a 2016 statistic. Imagine what that number will be in just another year!

Let the naturally existing avenues of social media interaction do the hard work for you of reaching new leads and potential customers. Social media sharing makes the best video marketing easy to find and promote.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, if “What is online video marketing?” or “Why should I pay attention to marketing videos?” were some of your questions when you started reading this, we’ve been able to provide answers. The best marketing videos make use of the tips discussed here, and we think that if you try them today, you’ll see the results for yourself. You can learn more about the advantages of using VideoRemix through one of our upcoming webinars.  

Master the Best Video Marketing (With 5 Simple Tips)


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