* Powerful Ways to Marketing Your Business on a Tight Budget
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Marketing Your Business on a Tight Budget

So you have a shoestring budget and you need to grow your company? 50% of small and medium-sized businesses only have $300 dollars a month to spend on advertisement. Blue Corona suggests that you spend 4% of revenue on advertising and 8% if you are a startup. However, some companies might want to advertise but are experiencing tight budgets.

There are several strategies you can use to help you grow without a massive budget. We outlined several ways that a business can get new customers and clients that we personally use ourselves. From getting your website ranked higher on Google to get the media to cover you, here are some ways you can get new customers on the cheap.

Justin Rashidi is a Partner at SeedX, a Digital Agency in LA and NYC  where he oversees software and web design projects. Justin is passionate about helping companies grow – at SeedX, he’s helped 25 companies hit over $1 million in revenue just in 2018. Outside of work, Justin is an entrepreneurial tech wiz who loves tinkering on projects such as robotics, apps, and more. Justin is originally from Reno, Nevada and has a French bulldog named Meatball.

Marketing Your Business on a Tight Budget

Marketing Your Business on a Tight Budget

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