Marketing Trends in Crypto and NFT after Crypto Winter
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Marketing Trends in Crypto and NFT after Crypto Winter

What is the future of the crypto market? Will this recent crash signify an end or a new beginning?

In this article, we will offer you a look at the latest events in the crypto market and how they will impact future investments. If you are already familiar with crypto businesses, you will surely remember the 2018’s crash. Unfortunately, it seems like something is going on again. Is another crypto winter on the verge of happening?  

Let’s start by explaining the term. Crypto winter signifies the not-so-bright period for investors all across the world. During this period, the prices of currencies drop, and the overall enthusiasm for the game follows. That happened in 2018, and the experts are afraid that this period will also not be good for the market. So what is going on with the crypto business? Well, for starters, the most popular coin on the planet – Bitcoin, is not doing so great.

What is going to be with crypto marketing after Bitcoin’s drop?

Since reaching its peak value in November 2021, Bitcoin has lost over 55%. As CNBC reports, the famous coin recently dropped to below 20,000$, and the widespread fear of a market crash is present. The current situation in the world is not great for any market, nor our private lives. The experts state that inflation has been the highest in the last 40 years. 

Banks are moving forward with higher interest rates; unfortunately, there’s no end to it. The drop of Bitcoin also flushed out liquidity problems in many companies, and the fear of global recession is slowly creeping in. The prognosis is not great; there are signs that the market is in danger.

Failing crypto Influencers

As modern times revolve around modern technologies and marketing, the rise of crypto markets’ popularity ‘gave birth’ to another category of influencers. These people, whether famous before or not, use their social media platforms to promote investments in cryptocurrencies. People get paid to talk about cryptos, and nothing grants you as a ‘regular’ person willing to invest that their advice is real and true. There are multiple affairs regarding the influencers in this area, as it’s speculated they were promoting stuff for personal gain. 

The recent crash in the market flushed out interesting statements from influencers around the world. Some openly speak about their money loss, and others try the band-aid strategy. Even Elon Musk tried to wiggle out of the situation by telling the press he never advised buying coins. 

As the estimated NFT downfall came true, some influencers who were enthusiastic about NFTs slowly started removing related content from their platforms.

Delisting of scam projects

As previously mentioned, the whole situation in the market showed that some companies had trouble with liquidity. Amongst others, the historic crash of Terra’s coins triggered an investigation because of some illegal activity charges. In the past couple of months, several coins were delisted. We can’t say this was related to the possibility of a new crypto winter approaching. One delisted was Squiggles which traded NFTs, and most of the major crypto exchanges delisted Terra’s coin LUNA. 

Less PR news

As it usually happens in these situations, the ones who suffer the most are the regular people. In this case, non-multibillionaire, regular folks who have invested their money in the crypto market. People are in a panic, and it is quite understandable. Unfortunately, many people are in debt now because of the situation. The problem seems so serious that major communication platforms like Reddit started suicide prevention threads.

We are very aware of dark things happening in the market and all the risks that the crypto business carries. What is important to know before starting your journey is to be extremely aware of the number of scammers that are all over the market. Be as informed as possible, and invest safely. If this crash hits you like a hurricane, don’t lose hope, your life is far more valuable.

Rejection of PPC

Advertising in the crypto branch was a controversial subject from the start. One of the problems included the huge presence of scammers in this business area. In 2018, the situation was so bad that Facebook and Google changed their advertising policies and banned crypto advertisements. 

The pay-per-click strategy was banned for cryptos until 2021. After that, the bans were removed, which changed the game. It’s not without certain difficulties, though. Google and other huge advertisers created a set of rules and criteria that must be met for the crypto PPC strategy to be allowed. Looking at things now, it seems like PPC agencies still openly offer strategies for crypto exchange. We can presume that new bans weren’t made, and we can’t be sure if such things will happen again. This period is quite unstable for the whole crypto world.

Will NFT bubble survive?

The prognosis of the survival of the NFT bubble is also a theme for discussion these days. Regarding the current situation, not only in the crypto market but in the stake market also, it’s somewhat normal for the NFT exchange to drop. 

The NFT survived loss, but it seems to recover quicker than expected. The experts and critics worldwide have agreed on a couple of possible outcomes. Some of those were pessimistic and expected the downfall of NFTs; the others were certain that NFTs would survive. There’s also a popular opinion that NFT will become the strongest after recovering from this crash. We have to say that time will tell us everything as the uncertainties keep piling up.


This new market crash seems to cause panic in a huge part of the crypto community. Everyone is afraid of a global recession, and the current state of the world doesn’t help at all. Inflation has been deemed the worst in the last 40 years, so everything seems shaky and uncertain. As the market is known for rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, many things can happen during the next few months. Stay tuned, and stay safe. 

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Marketing Trends in Crypto and NFT after Crypto Winter

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