Marketing Automation Drives Project Management

How to Successfully Deal with Project Management with the Help of Marketing Automation

A business’s success depends hugely on the internal management and organization within the company. Without a doubt, the way projects have handled the clients’ output and the company’s revenue. This leads to the statement that project management is probably the most important segment of how a company functions. The more the company expands, the harder it will be for a single person to manage the projects individually. Here enters marketing automation. Let’s have a look at how it can help project managers. But, first, let’s get introduced to the concepts.

Marketing Automation drives Project Management

Project Management

There are many definitions of project management, but they all come down to organizing internally to get things done. In a broader explanation, project management is carried out by applying processes, skills, methodology, knowledge, and experience to get to the project’s goal previously determined. It measures as successful if it is finished within the limits of time constraints and accomplishes its goals.

The terms management and project management are often confusingly used as the same when, in reality, they are very different. While management is an ongoing process, project management has a deadline and is approached differently. That is why it becomes a problem when the company expands, and there is one responsible person to deliver project outcomes in a finite timespan to different clients.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is using technology to facilitate marketing efforts and make them more efficient and effective. Marketers can create customer journey maps that follow the customer’s needs from start to finish and beyond. It enables the nurturing of customers and transforming them into loyal buyers of the product/service.

The benefits are enormous: from time-saving, increased productivity, managing multi-channel management, maintaining a consistent tone of voice to personalization, and improving the ROI.

The Connection between Project Management and Marketing Automation

By incorporating marketing automation in your organization, you can alleviate the marketing department from doing the same repetitive tasks repeatedly. It becomes a process that optimizes the way the organization functions and the customer’s experience. Also, it optimizes the effect of the campaigns and saves the team time.

Hence, there is time to take care of the rest of the project’s tasks. According to research done by Campaign Monitor and Omnisend, the ROI is about 43:1 when email marketing as part of the automated marketing processes is implemented as part of the project management plan.

Moreover, marketing automation reduces the tasks that need to be performed by replacing manual tasks with an automated system that performs the job independently. A person or a small team (depending on the business’s size) observes the process, leaving the other members free to complete other tasks.

What is even more beneficial is that you can overview real-time sales and other essential statistics with marketing automation. This feature prompts you to make instant decisions to improve the project management plan, especially when there are fluctuations in the collected data.

If we are to summarise the benefits of the immediate connection between project management and marketing automation, these would be the main points:

  • Real-time overview of results, strategic planning, and implementation of instant decisions
  • Increase in targeting, lead scoring, and thus expanding the business.
  • Integration of the team in a streamlined and seamless functioning of the business


Marketing automation takes a massive burden on the project management plan’s back. It is not that the connection between the two is inseparable; however, marketing automation facilitates planning and managing the projects.

Author Bio:

Hannah Derby is a digital marketer who is enthusiastic about trying out the newest trends and innovations in the digital marketing industry and helping businesses advance. She is also using her knowledge and expertise gained from a marketing automation software program at a JTF Marketing training course that raised her interest in the marketing automation industry.

Marketing Automation Drives Project Management

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